Inchcock Today: Thursday 18th December 2014

040therm0300hrs up and tending to WC demands. (As jazz vocalist Mel Tormé recorded in 1960 – ‘Just in time’)

Amazingly I found notes scribbled about a dream I’d had and also remembered about the Boot’s optician appointment at 1100hrs today!

I could remember little bit of scenes if that’s the word from the dream:

I was in the back of a car a Ford Corsair… with an old boss from my Tesco days Mr Wynera driving and laughing maniacally and he kept offering me a Rothman’s cigarette telling me to use the tobacco in my pipe?

Then I was at a fairground somewhere that was flooded and everyone was going around in boats, dingies etc. And everyone seemed intent on throwing darts at me, or trying to scoop me up off my raft with giant hooks?

Then I was bundling firewood at a bench – now in my young days I did have a job doing this, but in the dream everything was clean, no dust no splinters and somewhere in the background was a stage with Helen Shapiro singing “Walking back to happiness” and winking at me?

04th02Then I was turning the knobs on a Rediffusion radio receiver and fists kept coming out of it and belting me in the face for a time, then voices started to insult me.

That’s all I can recall at the moment, and I had to use the notes to remember those bits. But I can’t remember writing the notes on a kitchen towel drum?

Ah-well onward.

Started the laptop and made a cuppa.


The angina seems to have eased at last… but I’ll see how it goes. The arthritis is still bothersome this morning.

Summat’s going on, I can hear the police helicopter and see the reflections from its searchlight coming through the window. Hope they catch ’em!

Took me medications, passed wind and utilised the WC.

Did some Facebooking and blog reading then got myself ready for  the walk to the Boot’s opticians – that is as soon as I’d found me bus-pass so I don’t have to walk back from town.


The missing Police ARV

Where did find them you ask? (Or not like) On the top of me stack of medications.

I walked onto Mansfield Road and towards town. At the junction of Hucknall Road I heard a klaxon of an approaching emergency vehicle of some sort, and thought I’d get me catch out to catch a photo of it…

 No chance, it was the new Police ARV SUV and before I could take it, it had threaded its way through the traffic and was off.


Mansfield Road into Nottingham – Oddly little vehicular traffic about?

I plodded on up the hill without too much bother as the knees were not so bad or the angina this morning.

As I walked over the brow of the hill I was so amazed at the lack of vehicular traffic I took a photo down the hill into town. (Not that I carried a photo down the hill like yer know, it were the view down the hill which I should have said in the first place and saved missen all this typing like).

I walked through the upper level of Victoria Centre and at a Man’s Man shop I spotted a make-your-own-old-fashioned Radio Receiver Kit in the window on sale – this prompted me to remember I had not yet got anything for me Sister Jane and Brother-in-law Pete present-wise.


Jane’s Gift Voucher and Pete’s Radio Kit

So I called in and got one for him. He loves doing things like that and I hope he’ll be tickle him pink with it… or not like.

Then I went to the Next shop that Jane uses and likes an bought a £5000 gift voucher so she an at her leisure and choose something. (Oh, the noughts must have stuck sorry… it was a £50 gift voucher Hehehe)


A sparse shopping mall earlier today

I left the centre well pleased with myself and on the way out took a photograph of the pathetic Christmas tree in the mall – and the few people in it, very sparse. Mind you when I came back later it was well packed.

Some people eh… they just do not want to gerrup in a mornin’!


Decent mix of Nottingham buses for our friends in America, Australia and Canada to see

As I crossed the bridge across Upper Parliament Street I took a photo of the buses in the traffic. Mainly for our American, Australian and Canadian friends because I know some of them think out buses are cute.

I pressed on through town towards the opticians and heard a bloke asking someone where Nottingham Castle is – I interrupted telling the bloke to follow me. But he had a job walking that slow. So I took him on to the bottom of Friar Lane where the Castle could be seen from and pointed it out to him, warning him of the £5 charge to get in.

He never not even thanked me – Tsk!

Still a tad early, my logical brain had told me to take a book with me. Cunning eh?

They sat me down and I read me Operation Sea Lion book for a bit, then a lady came to take some details and I returnedt o me book.

After a while the opthalmist chappie came and took me into a room to check me eyes. He did a thoruogh job and i was in there for an our and a half.

When I came out a lady took me over to the frames to pick a couple of pairs – this i did in about 30 seonds and handed them to her. Amazed she said she had never known any customer to choose so quickly. I joked “At my time of life and in medical condition it’s best not to hang about M’am. The poor thing didn’t know whether to laugh or not despite the big grin on me face.

“Which one’s would you like for your reading glasses?” she asked.

“Not bothered, you choose please.” I answered.

“Well the lighter ones might be best for you long distance and everyday wear?”

“Smashing idea, thanks we’ll go for them then”

I liked this woman, she was learning quick cause she grew a big smile too.

She said it normally takes a week for them to come back, but may take longer as a weeks time is the holidays.

“Fair enough, if I’m still alive can yer send me a letter when they come in please. She said she would. Bless her.

Then it came to the payment ans she said “That will be £159 please”

“Oh” I joked “Yer want paying then?”

She’d got the hang of me by now and replied.


Gorgeous aromas came from the food stalls guarded by CPOs

“Best if you do in case you drop off before they’re ready!”

As I said before, I was taken by this gal.

I decided to take a walk back to Tesco in the Victoria centre to get some French Horns that they had ran out of yesterday.

As I was walking through the Slab square the smells of different cooking at the fairly busy Winter Wonderland stall was very appealing, but I resisted the temptation to try any.


And the time is…

I noted the time on Little John (As opposed to Big Ben in London) as I passed an lurched onward towards Tesco in the Victoria Centre yet again.

On the way up the very busy (pedestrian-wise) King Street, a bloke nearly knocked me over bless him. He (like so many other folk in the town) was concentratin on hos mobile phone. But at least this chap stopped and showed a bit of concern for me ‘ealth.

The arthritis was getting a bit bothersome now, as I traipsed into the centre and wearily struggled though the now heavily congested crowds. It took me ages to get to the other end avoiding getting injured by the once again seemingly unhappy mob of shoppers.

I never thought I’d be nervous just trying to walk in a crowd, but there you are, yer can’t avoid ageing yer know.

There were a good few mobility scooters threateningly lurking, but no bother today thank heavens.

Eventually I got to Tesco and made straight for the Cream Horns, they had some in stock today and I snaffled a pack of two and had a walk around safe in the knowledge that I could treat missen tonight. (Smug mode adopted)

I also got some bread, polish ham and a Krakoswka roasted pork loin joint that had a sell-by-date of January 3rd on it, more luxury in the Inchcock kitchen.

I took thee longer route out into the fresh air to avoid the crowds in the mall and went to catch the bus home.

The angina still behaving itself.


My bag and its guilty contents at me feet!

When I got on the bus, I took a photo of me bad and it’s guilty contents at me feet!

Got home and WC’s, started the laptop, put me nosh away and put the presents in a bag for Jane and Pete so I didn’t lose em.

Then I made some Polish ham sandwiches for later and brewed a cuppa for missen.

Only had one dizzy spell (Up to now like) today, that was in Tesco, so not so bad.

Feeling tired again already.

Did some blogging Facebooking and checked me emails.

Going to post this early, because I’m weary.

If owt happens I’ll add it to me Friday’s Diary.

Cheers all… 

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