Inchcock Today: Sun 8th Feb 15: Still suffering from me Whoopsiedangleplop!

Sunday 8th February 2015

I must have been drained because I slept for longer than I have in ages – managed about 8 hours, and when I woke up I stayed there for a while noting down bits from me dreams.

Underground in sewer like passages – many peope with me that I felt I knew but could not put a name to them… Chasing or being chased.

On a gigantic car which I could not see owt of in front due to being 15 ft high… filling up with milk from cows in Paris somewhere?

That’s all I could recall.

01M08Made a cuppa and took me medications, then cleaned up the back area that had been bleeding copiously during the night.

When I stripped myself down (I know, an horrendous thought sorry about that), I noticed the blue bruises on me shoulder and thighs where me Whoopsiedangleplop had scarred the yesterday. Tsk!

Angina and arthritis fair, ulcer okay and I found me hearing aids.


Got on with an idea I had for a Questioning of my life ode. It took me much longer to refine it than I’d planned. It may come over as a bit morbid but was written with satire and humorous intentions.


Got it posted and then finished off yesterdays diary and posted that too.

Cut me toe nails (Painful job again) washed shaved and polished – then struggled to get change into me clean socks and togs.

Set off on me little poddle about in an effort to keep my knees lose.

Fed the pigeons, and walked down to Hucknall Road, cut through Clumber 0701CyclistAvenue onto Clumber Avenue and down Nottingham Road – on which I had a close call with chap on his bicycle on the pavement riding towards me.

You can see how close he came to clouting me with the proximity of his rear wheel in the second photograph. I go to the bottom of the hill and turned right into Gregory Boulevard, down to 0702footythe Forest Recreation Ground and cut through.

Nice to see some kids enjoying a football kick-about somewhere other than in the middle of the street.

The sky looked nice and scenic.

I got up the hill and turned right into Mansfield Road.

I took a photo of the old flats near the traffic islands and the vandalised bus-top. Apparently they are asking for £180 a week for one of them. Wish I could afford it, it would give an excellent view of the cyclists on the pavements and an easy target for me 303 when I get it reconditioned like.0704Lidl

I turned left towards Carrington and thought a nice photograph of the sky was called for here.

I popped into the Lidl concentration cam… I mean shop, to get some cobs and a tomatoe – I always like the furrowed brows of the check-out morons there when they see me wanting to buy one cob and one tomatoe. Hehehe!

I saw they had some Chips in cheese sauce at only 99p in the freezer .

So treat missen to a couple at that price.

Walked back the flea-pit glad I hadn’t gone on a long walk as the angina and Arthur Itis were bothering me then.

0705chipsGot in and after the customary WV visit, put the chips in the microwave for the recommended 6 minutes. Tested em, and gave em another two minutes – tested em and gave em another three minutes.

They tasted ‘orrible!

Must remember INR tests tomorrow.

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