Inchcock Today: Sat 14 Mar 15

Saturday 14th March 2015

Woke with a jump, WC’d and found notes about my dreams I’d scribbled, I can even remember bits of them now – so with the aid of the notes (that I didn’t remember writing) here they are:

I seemed to have been located in a dessert… well in America, an Amoco petrol station and café at the front and behind was a factory with machinery like that I used to operate at Carter’s pop factory, with a security cabin somewhere.

I was serving in the café and Rachel Carrera (Authoress and WordPress blogger of great beauty) came in – I was overawed when she knew and spoke my name as she ordered something, I think Ribsteaks and Dr Pepper and leant towards me and whispered “You have someone breaking into the building at the back Inchy, I saw them as I drove up.”

I was then in the factory searching, the machines I recognised as the actual ones I’d worked on, but no pop bottles, I do not know what they were being used for… I ended up walking on thin ledges high on the wall when I forgot why I was there? I returned to the café and Rachel was gone. I cried.

The second dream I was working in the Co-operative store no. 118, at Arleston Drive Wollaton as I did on in 1965 or thereabouts. I was rushing around very busy and in walked of all people Mother? Although she was alive when I worked there I was surprised to see her – she was dressed very smartly in a leather coat, had gold teeth and had permed hair – we spoke but I can’t read me own writing about this part of the dream – I could not get over and was staring at her massive three gold teeth all the time – and fear of her being alive and kicking sent me into a panic and I think I feinted in the dream – I came round as she was emptying my wallet.

I wish I could remember dreams like this every night.

Went down and made a cuppa and took me medications.

The ailments seemed no worse than yesterday – in fact the torn Intercostal muscle was far less painful than yesterday, Arhtur Itis fair, Anne Gyna twinging only, Duodenal ulcer fine and the haemorrhoids painful but not bleeding.

I still feel a bit low and wearily tired but all in all, perhaps a harbinger of a better day portends?

0601Coreldraw9 froze again, tried Serif Draw that did the same, managed to get the header for this page done.

Yesterday I took of photo of the unreal red tinged sky and atmosphere outside when I took the rubbish out – and could not find it – well I did today?

It’s not been touched up or anything – unreal eh?

Thought I’d have a bus-ride out to Mansfield today, take me camera and call in the market to have a look around.

0601bHad good scrub-up and started feeling a bit better and set off for me walk to town to catch the bus into Mansfield.

The sky was gloomy but it was not cold at all – mind you, I was well wrapped up like.

The pigeons came down to be fed and I sneaked them some seeds.

I hobbled into the City Centre and to the bus-station without incident and sorted which bus to catch, getting the ‘scenic route’ one so I could take some photographs hopefully from the seat.

0601b1City centre – Carrington – Basford – Bulwell – Hucknall – Annesley – Kirkby – Coxmoor – Sutton then into Mansfield. A day in the country to me!

I presented my bus-pass to the machine and the driver had a grumble about the roadworks that he had got to get through later.

I got me crossword book out and had a few goes at them – but as the bus got busier the noise of folks on their mobiles and screaming kids made concentrating hard, so I put it away and held me camera in hand in case owt interesting came into view or happened.

0602As the bus queued in Hucknall I spotted the usual response from the Nottinghamshire driver who had parked on double yellow lines – she just put her warning flashers on as she parked about 4ft from the kerb.

Bless her cotton socks.

As the bus got close to Annesley we 0604came to the road works the driver was talking about and joined the end a damned long line of waiting traffic.

As far as the eye could see!

Half an hour later we got through the temporary traffic lights – and it was comical to see several road-workers leaning on their shovels talking to each other and yawning – mind you, it was not funny to the driver.

0603We drove on and just before Sutton-in-Ashfield the road cleared and the driver drove like mad – I thought we must have lost a lot of time?

I realised when we arrived at Sutton bus-station why – it was shift changeover and he was swapping with another driver just coming on duty.

0605When the bus arrived at Mansfield it seemed very quite with few people around at first.

As I left the station to wonder down to have a look at the market it became busy with folks.

Two blokes were having a scrap outside one of the pubs and no one took any interest at all?.

I moved on down to the marker, not many stalls on today, I was about to take a photo and espied a second-hand book stall – that was it, lost myself in them for ages.

0600bookEnded up buying two books – Antony Beevor’s D-Day and Joshua Devine’s Forgotten Voices from Dunkirk. If Beever’s D-Day is half as interesting as his Stalingrad and Berlin books it’ll be a treat.

Looking forward to reading this one so much, I’ll keep it in me bag so I can read it on me bus journeying.

The D-Day one is a collection of statements and comments from the ordinary soldiers who were actually there on the beach at Dunkirk.

0608I walked around the outside of the market and came across the mobility shop.

Amazing the designs of scooters they had on offer for the Mobility scooter drivers to scare the pants off of elderly pedestrians with nowadays.

The one that is a mock motorbike model was on sale for £459, but they started from £129. Not bad considering there is no legal requirement for the dangerous uncaring drivers to insure or tax them – and no licence or training required at all!

I wondered up the hill to the B&M store and had a look around. I got some Jamaican Ketchup, crisps and a packet of biscuits.

0606As I came out of the shop I saw that the old pub was still up for sale or rent.

This would be a challenge to make pay for anyone taking it on.

The alleyway opposite it has had two murders several muggings and a rape committed on it in the last year.

0607I popped into the Pound Stretcher store next door. They had a selection of ‘Cuddlies’ for the kids that it appeared were really well made.

I left getting just some Lion bars to nibble.

Made my way back to the bus-station, and the arthritis was not too bad considering the walking I’d done.

0601bI caught a Pronto bus back to Nottingham, this one goes a more Direct route.

The heating on this bus was very high and I felt myself having to resist the urge to nod-off before we’d gone a mile.

I had camera to hand and when we passed 0609a farm/bedding plants for sale place I think it was, I spotted they had a small wind turbine on their land.

The bus was moving at a decent pace and I had to take the shot quickly.

A few times I nodded off for a moment or two en-route.

I only just realised it was my stop in time. Tsk!

0610When I got off the bus a spur of the moment thing overtook me and I called in the fish and Chips shop and got some – I knew I’d regret it later… I was right!

The sky beckoned me to take its photo.

Fatima and Fred came down to be fed.

I ate the fish and chips soon as possible and enjoyed them… within minutes I realised why I’d stopped eating fish and chips, now me stomach is reminding me.

Watched a Law and Order DVD then started the laptop.

Tired early again, but with so much less pain… I perhaps shouldn’t have said that?

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