Sat 8 Aug 2015: Whoopsiedangleplops, Dilapidated body, Confused Brain…

Saturday 8th August 2015


0415hrs: Stirred to like (Of sorts) The fridge freezer seems to have settled for a morning chorus of ‘Clunk, Whir… bang shudder whine chatagrurgle, Hoooiii clunk shudder this morning.

Bit of a dream still lingered:

In an old dilapidated building with dust and sunshine coming through the broken windows… chasing someone through the corridors that turned into passageways on a boat?  Someone then chasing me… that’s all I can recall?

WC’d, only a bit of bleeding from ‘Little Inchy’. Still felt well tired but in good spirits this morning.

0707Laptop on to finish and post yesterdays diary – made a cuppa and took me medications.

When I got up to make another cuppa when the first went cold, I glanced out of the window to see a bloke who was walking his three little dogs on the green opposite the flats, and all three were taking a dump at the same time! Original photograph time I thought… but by the time I’d got me card out of the laptop and put it in the camera they had all finished their ablutions. Hehehe!

Incidentally, me fingers are a lot less bothered with Arthur Itis this morning?

I wondered if the Magnesium tablet I took last night wiv me evening medications might have helped? The cramps that I took them for in the first place started to come on a bit last night, but nowhere near as bad as they have been, surely one tablet can’t have been that effective? I’m puzzled.

I put the batteries for the camera on charge, charged the mobile phone, then got yet another ‘Wrong Call’ on the land-line. It sounded like the regular chappy who calls every night and  can’t understand what he’s saying but he persists – I might have to get rid of the land-line if this continues. He’s calling ever night between 1700 to 19oohrs and now starting it at 0600hrs? Foreign accent, muffled voice, just can’t make out what he’s saying?

I put the Betamethasone Corticosteroid cream in the bathroom in case needed again.

Facebooked and graphicalisationed for a few hours.

Got the overfull washing bag, capsules and freshener ready, camera in bag and went down to see if I could have any luck with getting a washing machine free to use – I couldn’t. Both in use, and one indicating 35 minutes left the other 33 min’s – seems someone has used two machines – greedy little monkeys.

Back up to the flat and updated this diary while waiting to go down again and hope someone else doesn’t beat me to it again, and get me laundry done. If I can I’ll take me camera with me so when the drier is on I can have a poddle up to the park, find a bench and sit hoping to catch a photo of some wild life in the woods.

Made a cuppa and did a bit on Coreldraw x7.

Popped down to the laundry room and a machine was free.

while the wash was a-washing I did me crossword book a bit, and managed to a few answers done from te previously started one – not a lot, but some.

Got the drier going, but had to use the one that was very low to the ground.

Whoever had used it before did not clean the filter out.

DSCF0225This gets to me somewhat yer know, I’ve never yet… no I did once, but only once find the drier had been had its filter cleaned by someone after using it’.

Blimey, they even supply us with toothbrushes and knives to do the job – and still the moronic idle scum-bags don’t do it! Still it don’t bother me in the slightest bit really. FibMode

Off on a walk up the hill into Woodthorpe Park, too many humans playing music, kids screaming, footballers etc for any chance of a decent photo of any 0705wildlife. Huh!

As I was crossing the grass, I came across a bumble bee (I think it was) that was crawling through the grass, seemingly pressing its body against the blades?

I wondered what it was up to, even when I bent down close to take the photographs he wasn’t put off his path or intentions?

I went up and around the Mansion at the top of the hill and back down the other side.

I veered left into the woods and through a 0706thicket (If that’s the right word?) of trees and was so impressed I wandered further in and around it then took a photo of it as I was about to come out of it.

As I thought how much I loved all those different shades of green, and the trees fighting each other for the sunlight, it dawned on me – I was lost! “Whoopsiedangleplop Mark 1 for the day”

I could see the tops of the flats and eventually found a way through back to them.

I hope no one saw me laughing at missen as I appeared out of the wood into the grassed area.

0707I took a photo of the flats as I emerged into the open – from the other side to those I have taken before.

Woodthorpe Court on the right, Winchester Court on the left.

The right one is where I now dwell, but on the other side of the building.

Then:  “Whoopsiedangleplop Mark 2 for the day”, as I was steadying myself to take a good stable photo, I stepped forward a couple of paces to try and balance the shot – and trod in some dog-phoo!

Back into the bushes to clean me shoe up, then back to the flat and me laundry drying.

As I was taking out the washing “Whoopsiedangleplop Mark 3 for the day”!

Me back went when I was bending down getting the togs out – didn’t half feel a fool having two women help me up again. Double Tsk!

Back up to the flat, put me togs away and got the carrier bags ready for clearing out the cupboards tomorrow ready for the demolition men who are going to tear out me cupboards and drawers to fill in the hole in the wall – well that’s the plan anyway – but we’ll see when they get here eh?

Updated this diary and put the photo’s wot I took on it.

Pondered on what nosh to have. Bacon sarnies methinks?

DSCF0231Did some graphicalisationing again on Corel Draw and Paint x7.

Herbed chopped tomatoes and crispy bacon with bread thins fer me nosh. Rated 8.6/10

Had a great bath, soak and shave. It took me more time than having these did to medicate missen afterwards! Hehe! Put Phorpain gel on me legs hands and back.

Cuppa and took me evening medications.

Tired again now, and me back is still painful. Huh!

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