Fri 7 Aug 2015: Inchcock Today – So busy he’s worn himself out. Poor mite!

Friday 7th August 2015

0405hrs: Woke, WC’d and got the laptop and kettle on.

Mused over me dreams: I’d got the old place sorted and sold… I was so glad and happy to be able to concentrate on the flat and had a load of people visit me, and they all wanted vegetarian sausages to eat?

Then I was at a football match and ran on the pitch, tackled Wayne Rooney and served him with a writ for knocking off a £2000 a time prostitute and being rude and crude in public?

I was glad  the cramps again had not been too bad last night – but still intend to get some magnesium tablets today from Holland & Barrett’s.

Spent ages finishing yesterdays Diary and doing graphics.

Had a wash shave and spruced missen up. The angina was a bit rough with me, the haemorrhoids bleeding but otherwise not too bad at all.

Got me bag with Sister Jane and brother-in-law Pete’s nibbles, letters delivered for Margaret the previous tenant to hand in at the community shed, and the paperwork I needed for Steve of Age UK when I meet him later at the old dump and cash and bus-pass.

Off to the shed and handed in the letters to the Obergruppenfurher.

To the bus stop and had a nice chat with some of the other residents.


Got the Magnesium Tablets at last

Dropped off the bus in town and had an amble to Holland and Barrett’s to view the Magnesium on offer. They had sprays, creams and tablets.

Being as the tablets of 100 one-a-day pills were on offer, buy two get the second for a penny… I did.

Walked to Pete’s bus-stop and met him. We had a little natter and worked out where we needed to visit.

I wanted to buy a battery operated radio for the bathroom with preselect channels and a clock to replace the one I dropped and broke – and Pete needed to go to the Asian shop for some cheesey seaweed, and Wilkinson’s for some bits.

We went around several shops looking for a radio but the cheapest we could find was £49.99, so I decided against it.

We went into Wilkinson’s Pete got his bits and I got a £3 alarm clock, same model as the one I broke.

Then we plodded to the Asian shop and i joined Pete in getting a pack of the cheesey seaweed fer missen.

Walked into the City Centre to have a look to see if any of the charity shops had a battery radio for sale – they didn’t.


A Dangerous Nottingham Pavement Cyclist

The plonker on the bike across the road was one of the most dangerous gits of Nottingham Pavement Cyclists I’ve ever come across, he was on his phone as he drove along the pavement and actually hit one woman and just carried on! Tsk Nasty Ignorant Swine!

Left Pete at his bus-stop after our second failed search to find a radio had concluded.

Hobbled up to Parliament Street, buying a salad cob on the way to the bus-stop.

Got off in Carrington and nervously made me way to the old house. Where I overdid it with the lifting and sorting. Made up four large bags of stuff for the flat. Then managed to carry some furniture out to the bins for the looters to take later. Then put weed-killer on the garden weeds, and there were many there.

I was lucky enough to find a part-used tube of Betmethasone corticosteroid cream and put that in me bag to treat ‘Little Inchy with in the morning if he’s been bleeding again.


Age UK’s Steve does some phoning for me

Utterly fatigued and me back was playing something rotten by the time Steve arrived at the house.

He rang BT for me to cancel me phone and Internet – found there would be a £42 charge for leaving them. And we had to ring them back on the 18th to confirm our decision?

Then he rang British Gas (You know them… the French company!) They informed us there would be a £30 fee, one months payment costs and 59p a day charge until we informed them the house had been sold???

I was losing heart by then.

Steve and I went upstairs which started me arthritis off to join Anne Gyna and me bad back. Feeling pretty weary and unwell by now. Steve brought some stuff down and then lifted me and two of the bags back to the flat, bless him.

I was so some pleased things had got done for once, but not pleased with state of health at all.

He came in with me and reclaimed his blow-up mattress that he’d lent me.

After he went I did feel a bit poorly, but forced missen to eat the cob with a cuppa. Didn’t feel hungry enough to bother making a meal – so drained.


Got me next lot of medications pots sorted and done

Did this diary and then had to sort out me medication pots to make sure the old and new ones had some magnesium tablets in each pot – that took over an hour, but I was pleased I’d got it done.

Remembered to put the Betamethasone cream in the bathroom so it’d be handy for the morning if needed.


Late Nosh – with slightly burnt pasty

Sudden Hunger pangs now – so made a quick nosh, instant cheesey potatoes, pasty, beetroot and tomatoes.

I may have overdone the pasty a touch?.

Way passed me bedtime now.

Must try to get some of laundry done tomorrow, it’s stacking up yer know…

And some of the paperwork to get sorted and shredded, oh, and get the cupboards emptied ready for the Nottingham Homes man to destroy the kitchen cabinets and drawers when they fill in the holes in the wall… Tsk, work work work… I’m working ‘arder now than when I actually working – Huh!

12 thoughts on “Fri 7 Aug 2015: Inchcock Today – So busy he’s worn himself out. Poor mite!

  1. Inchy, what are you sleeping on now? The nerve of that man, taking back the mattress before you have a bed! I’m so angry with him. And why do you have to continue paying for gas and electric in a place you no longer occupy? And pay for services you want to stop? That makes no sense at all to me. I’m going to come over there and have a scream at those people about their greedy plan that makes you pay for what you no longer use. We have a word for that over here — GRAFT. HEHEHE I’ll bet you thought it would be a bad word, didn’t you?

    • Hello Angie Angel, not sleeping too bad when the cramps let me thanks love. I’ve not been using his mattress actually, it’s too soft and sets me back off something awful. I put a quilt on the floor where it’s nice and firm and dive on that (Dive on that… hehehe).
      We were both amazed at the charges I incurred fro the rob-dogs.
      I didn’t think it would be a bad word pet, just a clever and or witty one, that’s your style.
      Got to get ready for them ripping out me cupboards and drawers on Monday, to seal up the giant holes in the wall. Another mess to cope with, I’m sorry i cleaned it all up and got it painted now – Huh and Tsk!
      The skin cancer results are back, all looking good.
      You too take are pet: ♫ Let’s get together yea yea yea, We’ve a have a hunk of f-un, together… ♫ It’s that Haley Mills again innit, can’t get that song out of me mind lately?
      TTFN Angie, all the bestest. X

      • I think I’m jealous of Haley Mills Inchy. I love that song also, so I guess I won’t be jealous.
        So happy about the skin cancer news. That can really be bad when it it is the bad kind of cancer. So relieved now.
        I’ve been trying to decide whether to cook today, or go with another veggie sandwich. I use flatbread for those, or a lettuce wrap, and they are sooo good. And I’m pretty sure my belly button is shaking hands with my backbone right now. Just that empty feeling I get at times, you know? Of course, that means the sandwich, because that conveniently means no time to cook anything. See how well I can come up with a good excuse for not cooking on a hot day? Am I good, or am I great?
        All the bestest back at you Inchy.

      • Hayley Mills Angie? Not a patch on you gal!
        Sarnies are good in hot weather I think, well anytime really. Hope you enjoy which ever you opt for.
        I’ve just written the things i must do Mon and Tues in me diary – lot of lifting and sorting ready for the demolition, I men repair men to come Mon to tear out me cupboards and drawers to get at the hole in the kitchen wall to fill it in, then I have to move everything into the kitchen and bathroom for the carpet fitter on Tuesday. Then the dentist appointment 14300hrs after the carpet men… it’s my turn to get all het-up now Angie. Health problems come at the same time of course. Tsk!
        Hello, I’m waffling again… sorry.
        I don’t think we should need an excuse not to cook hot food Angie – it’s one of the areas where we can have control over things – Hehe!
        Being so busy I might have to delay me Kayak building until the flat gets sorted, but I can assure you I’m practising with with rubber duck in the bath each day.
        I am a clot!
        TTFN, hopes prayers and a massive gentle cuddle sent.
        X Inchy

      • I’ve had to suspend work on my canoe also, while I pack for my move down the hall. Not sure why I’m working on that though, because they aren’t even working on renovating my apartment right now. Now that I think about it, they didn’t tell me what year I would be moving. Could be it won’t be this year at all. They haven’t completed anything they have started at all. I think it’s all a plot to make us crazier than we were before — and we have to be crazy to still be living here under this group of mis-management people.
        Thank you for the compliment re. Haley Mills. I may have had her mixed up with her dad. Ohhh, did I really say that? Have to admit he was a very good actor.
        Take good care of you Gerry Inchy, cause I’m going to get back to my canoe building as soon as I can clear a path to my tool box and the cabinet I’m taking apart to use for the wood parts.
        The very bestest back to you. XOXOXO

      • Cheered my up this did Angie thanks. So drained and tired and knowing I have two really busy days coming up I’d let missen get down a bit, but you’ve perked me up again bless yer.
        “I think it’s all a plot to make us crazier than we were before — and we have to be crazy to still be living here under this group of mis-management people” Another gem of a comment!
        Our boat building is stymied somewhat innit gal? But we’ll be back soon I hope in out new flats and raring to go see each other, I’ll bring a photo of John Mills if yer like. Hehe! Love and cuddles. XX

      • Sounds like a plan to me Inchy. You bring me a photo of John, and I’ll bring you one of Haley – In my favorite of her movies “Parent Trap”. I got part of my cabinet apart today. Actually, my son was here so he took part of it apart for me. Oh dear, he threw a large part away. I couldn’t explain about the canoe and our island, so he just waltzed out with part of my canoe. I’ll have to sneak out tonight and rescue it, but not to worry, there is more here to work with.
        Take care of You my pet.

      • Hahaha, you area treasure Angie.
        My Kayak production has had to stop now with all the repairs being done, but maybe I can ask the gentlemen who comes to demolish me kitchen on Tues and today if they have any bits of spare timber I can use?
        Thanks for the photo’s pet, i really want to find time soon to use them, I’ve had an idea or two what to create from them – even dreamt of them last night.
        Take care thanks flower.

      • I’ve had a small start on demolishing my old computer station, with some help today from my son. Already had part of it off, and he took 3 more pieces off for me. The rest is not in the way, so it can stay until moving day, if that ever comes.

        Dreamed about me huh? Should I ask what kind of dreams? Probably better off not answering that one. I would love to sleep again, whether I dream or not. Just to spend a few hours unconscious without having to fall and knock myself out to do it.

      • Since I started taking St John’s Wort I seem to nod off easier Angie, even if I do wake up every few minutes, or seem to = Tsk! I hope you can manage some pet. TTFN.

      • I have horrible reactions to so many herbs and meds I’m afraid to try anything new. I took St. John’s Wort when I was young, and had some kind of reaction, but so long ago I don’t remember what it was. Afraid to try it again at this age. Eventually I’ll break down and take a sleeper, and be out of commission for 3 or 4 days, and be ready to go again, but for now, I’m still ticking, getting naps from time to time, and managing on that.
        Try to stay out of trouble. I’ve read today’s post, so I know you’re not, but try harder, okay? I worry.

      • Thanks Angie flower. Cat-napping is better than nothing, hope you can get some respite soon Angie.
        Me mind is racing getting nowhere this morning – so much to do.
        Don’t blame you for not trying the Wort again.
        Got to check out little Inch and other unmentionable ailments today, an hope the cowboy Carpet fitter arrives on time so I can get to the dentist appointment afterwards in time.
        Time for you to have a bit of good luck now – I’ll be willing it through the ether along with several long kisses and cuddles. X

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