Thu 6 Aug : Inchcock Today: Busy yet again – Tsk!

Thursday 6th August 2015

0435hrs: The tones of the fridge-freezer stirred me, it had added a few more clunk-thuds to its chorus this morning – bit worrying that.

Up and at em… well, I stirred and appreciated the lack of cramps again last night, then mused on the dreams I could recall:

I was struggling to get up a beach from a canoe… it looked like I was an Australian beach – Kangaroos and koala bears all around…

Climbed over some sand dunes and found it was Los Angeles, I have no idea how I knew it was Los Angeles but I did. I caught a cab and the driver was a robot with a shiny metal head and spoke in an Eastern European voice to tell me I should not be here since the Declaration of Independence was declared, only non-humans were permitted in the City?

Can’t recall what happened next, but I ended up in the middle of a gigantic plate of chips struggling to get out, with Marissa Bergen trying to pull me out using guitar strings with hooks on the ends?

Shame I can’t recall owt else though.

Kettle on, cuppa and me medications taken then a check on me failing body parts when I had a wash and shave: Arthritis not bad in the least, Anne Gyna bothersome a bit, ulcer very fair, hardly any bother, Reflux valve closing okay at the moment, even the sin cancer wound has stopped itching – all good really, even the Little Inch had not been bleeding last night. (Should I have said that I’m thinking?).

The food delivery man rang, Asda (Walmart to me American friends) had failed to change the directions to the one’s I changed on their site. He arrived a few minutes later and I now have an overfull freezer.

Whoopsiedangleplop number one – knocked the new clock over, and I now do not own a new clock that works. Huh!

Little Inch was sore as soon as I moved the blood flowed again. Took me a while to get it to stop.

Laptop on, WC’d a few times, made a cuppa and finished off yesterdays diary.

There is only 1½ hours to go to the time the Nottingham City Homes repair man comes to replace the condemned fan heater, so no time to get any laundry done. Tsk!

Steve from Age UK rang (Yes he did, honestly – amazing!) he’ll meet me tomorrow at the old house t 1400hrs.

Got paperwork ready in bag now to take with me to meet him.

Filled in the electoral register letter I’d received and went to post it off.

Took the mail for Margaret the previous tenant, to the Community shed, and to ask anyone there if they still want the walker and tell them not to worry about making the phone calls fer me as I’d got hold of Steve from Age UK and would be meeting him on Friday.

The door was open – Yahoo!

Julia asked me if she could have the walker before I could mention it – I pointed out that it had been in me shed downstairs awaiting use for two weeks now! (That’s telling her…  she don’t scare me!) FibMode

Deana appeared and I gave them a choice of nibbles.

I realised I’d not crossed off Margaret’s name from the form I was about to post and Julia stuck some Cellotape on the envelope for me after I’d corrected me error.

When I informed them not to bother doing the telephone calls for me to the BT and Gas company to cancel their services for the old place, it became apparent they had forgot all about me request, judging my the confused and bemused expressions on their faces. Hey-ho!

Poddled to the letter box and then back to the shed, at the flat and got the Walker and took it back to the shed so they could donate it to the needy person. No thank you’s, just a ‘Yo wer quick!’ when I got back to the shed with it.

Mind you there might have been thinking about it, I didn’t have me hearing-aids in.

Rushed back to the flat in case the maintenance personage who had been booked to replace the condemned wall heat arrived… silly me thinking they’d come early.

Must remember tomorrow – meet brother-in-law Pete at 1030hrs at his bus stop in town then make sure I go to the old house for 1400hrs to meet Steve.

Made a cuppa and tidied around a bit – no point in doing a good job, the fitter will no doubt cause a decent mess – and next week I’ve got the carpenter tearing out the cupboard and drawer to block up the hole in the wall – then the week after it’ll be mayhem from their replacing the condemned window – oh the thought of it all… Tsk!

0704Doing this diary while I await the arrival of the Nottingham City Homes electrician.

Re-posted me graphic wot I dun on Facebook.

Titivated the open cupboard.

Nearly fell asleep once.

The Electrician chap from Nottingham Homes rang the buzzer and came up to replace the heater on the wall.

DSCF0212He didn’t speak much, took all his time to answer me questions and comments.

Took him around ten minutes max to change it.

He’s left me a nice spot on the wall to paint over bless him.

I can’t see any controls on the heater? DSCF0210I’ll have to ask someone later maybe they are handily placed on the top of the heater where I cannot reach them?

I got the brush and dustpan and swept up the bits of wire, plastic and the screws he’d left on the floor as a donation no doubt. Hehe!

Dinner in’t oven.

DSCF0213Chips (Fries), baked beans, tomatoes and pickled bullets… no, beetroots, smoked cooked pork with some bread thins.

I consumed this with great relish – the chips were savoury French Fries from Asda (Walmart) and pretty good they were too.

Rated this nosh at 8.4/10.

Sorted paperwork needed for tomorrow afternoon when I meet Steve at the old dump, so he can phone and cancel BT phone/internet and British Gas to cancel them.

Odd that innit, British Gas, owned by a French company? And BT biggest shareholder is Renaissance Technologies LLC a multinational company based in New York USA.


Took a photo from the living room window of the evenings skyline.

Tired and weary I got me head down – but not before coating me legs in Phorpain Gel first to counter the’Cramps’ when they came. Took me evening medications.

Feeling just tad less unsettled tonight, knowing that at least some progress in sorting the old place might get done tomorrow.

DSCF0088I dreamt early about Duncan Robertson (Cyber-pal), thought he was here and we were having a cuppa on the balcony and we started singing and a police helicopter hovered above us with one officer on a megaphone, but I can’t recall what he was telling us.

When I woke up for a porcelain visit after about two hours head-down, I actually looked around for Dunc – wish I could remember more.


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  1. Well I remember the dream quite well being that I was there and all. Unfortunately it didn’t end well as the guitar strings just started slipping from my hands, your weight proving too much and all.. and then you just fell but not before the hooks kind of started to go through your hands, and the. You just, like, fell into oblivion and I went off and had a cuppa.

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