Inchcock Today Wed 15 June 2016: Whoopsiedangleplop shaving!


Wednesday 15th June 2016

Kept springing awake throughout the night? Eventually around 0520hrs, nature, or rather demand, for bodily functions to be performed, forced me to lower the shuddering £300 second-hand recliner and visit the porcelain throne. A little bleeding from Haem Aroids but Little Inchy did not bleed at all.

A good start I thought. Went to make a cuppa, took the medications, did the BP tests and got the laptop on. Did some graphics and started this off after finishing the Monday post.

P1110125I had to smile again when I saw Lynton’s postcard on the desk.

This started me thinking about when would be the best time for me to take a shower. I had not realised how noisy the water pump would be until I tried it yesterday morning.

I must try to see Barbara next door and find out if the sound had bothered her at all. Hopefully, if it didn’t, I can take a shower regularly in the early morning. Yesterday, Olive said she could hear the flat above her when they use theirs. Her family were taking her out yesterday, must try to call and see if she enjoyed it, what with all the rain like.

Made another cuppa and a pot of porridge and got on Facebooking for an hour or so, to catch up on it.

07Sister Jane rang, told me to look at page eight of the Nottingham Post, about a resident who had a Whoopsiedangeplop and had to go to the hospital, and the help he had received.

Noticed a photo of the floods in Nottingham.

Got ready and took my shower and abluted my extremities. No, belay that notification, a change of mind and I did a few hours work on the graphicationalisationing instead. Then back on Facebook, because I’ve got such a lot of running about to do tomorrow, I treated me to a day in.

Facebooking over now, I’ll get the things ready for my second shower. TTFN.


Oh dearie me!

Caught the edge of the interagic incisure of me left ear-hole with the razor blade. Boy did it bleed. TCP’d KipP1020896and after shave generously applied, I thought I’d stopped in and got in the shower.

Huh! Blood all over me and the new wet-room floor now!

Had to keep the paper towels soaking it up, I used a few, dabbing all the time when drying off and cleaning the room, and getting me nosh on, and updating this tosh… still it hasn’t stopped, although it’s slowing down nicely… I hope.

The pie and baked beans, must be ready now, so I’ll nip off and sort it and catch up on this in the morning. TTFN.

P1110154Medications took and the simple nosh served and enjoyed.

Spiced beetroot, seasoned baked beans, beef slice and tomatoes with a slice of bread, an apple and a banana. Followed

Followed by a lemon dessert.

The bleeding from the ear began to lessen at last. died down recliner with tissues paper towels nearby

Did the washing, wrote a note of things to do tomorrow. I dived down recliner with tissues paper towels nearby

P1110153I dived down into the £300 second-hand noisy but working recliner with many paper towels to hand nearby on the arm of the chair.

And much used they were over the next few hours.

I think putting the headphones on to listen to the sound from the TV might have helped with the eventual stopping of the bleeding, many hours later.

I’ll mention this to the nurse in the morning if I remember.

With the ear-hole needing dabbing for so long, it was very late before I got off to sleep.


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