Inchcock Today Tue 14 June 2016: Good start, Got a shower! Late Whoopsiedangleplop

10Tuesday 14th June 2016

0530hrs: Up and had a bodily scour,

Yes, at last, I got in the shower,

It lasted for well over an hour,

I gave it some waterpower,

Carbolic soap and talcum powder,

Afterwards, I smelt like a new flower!

Yes, finally I was refreshed. No messing about this morning, got the items needed and straight into the shower room, everything seemed to work correctly, no cold or hot shocks, slips, Whoopsiedangleplops or dizzies either.

The only thing that I was concerned about was the oh-so-very noisy water pump that might have disturbed my neighbour Barbara. In future, I’ll take the shower at night, I think, early evening perhaps. I’ll ask Barbara if I see her if it bothered her.

I titivated the room, remembered to turn off the power, then made a cuppa and took the medications and did my BP tests. The Sys and Dia were a bit higher than usual at 151 & 49, that would be due to me getting all excited about taking me shower? Hehe!

I got CorelDraw going, and somehow, it is currently letting me save to jpg again? Don’t know what I did right this time, but I did delete 815 files?

Walked down to the Community Hut to see Deana, who sorted the insurance renewal out for me, bless her. On the way back, I saw Olive, that cheered me up. She was waiting for the fish van to arrive, which it did, and she got hers first, as it was raining the gals took turns in going out to his van for their fish fodder. I went back to the flat with her, and she showed me her Wet-Room, and she had a pole that reaches top and bottom, with small corner shelves on it, seemed a super idea to me. Olive told me she got it from Wilko. We had a gossip, and I returned to my place and went the things ready for me to go to Arnold, and decided to call at Wilko see if I could get one of the poles, then to Asda (Walmart) to get the photo’s done and some fodder.

P1110116I was soon out at the bus stop with a few other tenants, waiting in the rain.

Good for me that it was raining this morning because that meant I could sneak a photographicalisation of some of them together.

I love listening and having a  chatter with these folks occasionally.

P1110118When the first, Nottingham destined L9 bus arrived, I was left all on my own.

I took a selfie (I think they are called, a photograph of myself like), to show how sad I felt at losing their company.

Note I’ve got my Flobber-dob hat on, the one from the Pound Shop? It covers my hearing aids and glasses in the rain, excellent!

P1110119I arrived in Arnold and went to the Wilko store first. 

See the top of this photo on the left? I had the pretty-coloured £1 shop umbrella with me today, and I needed it to take this picture under!

Wilko told me they no longer stocked the poles with shelves on – I could have cried, I’d got almost enthusiastic about getting one for my Wet-Room – Sob!

I poddled and paddled along to the Asda Store and got the photographs done on the machine. Somehow I ordered the Two-day instead of One hour process, though. Humph! Still, Nae bother, I can collect them on Thursday after the Social Hour and Doctors INR blood test… I hope.

Did some shopping, again. Apples, prepared fresh casserole veg, Batch Bread and Lemon desserts jumped into my basket as I passed them… again…

P1110120 Went to catch the L9 back to the flats.

The public bench near the bus stop had taken a further battering and looked in a very sorry state thanks to the local hoodlums.

Managed to keep awake on the trip back to Woodthorpe Court, well I did nod off, a couple of times but was awake when we arrived in time to press the stop bell. Haha!



When I got in the flat, the rain stopped a moment and everything outside looked so green, fresh and new.

I got the fodder away, put the receipt for the photographs in last weeks envelope on the kitchen window shelf behind the accoutrements pot. I write this so I can look back and find it when I can’t find it on Thursday, yer see.

Took the midday medications, made a cuppa and got the laptop on, updating this twaddle.

Later I made another cup of char and rang mate BJ for a talk. He was in good form and told me to have a look at the Ikea site to see if they sold those poles for the wet-room. He’s coming to Thursdays Social Hour, glad about that.

Some items of interest were discovered on the Ikea site, so I made a note of their numbers to show BJ.

Got the fodder going. Minted lamb chops in the oven, to have with mashed potatoes and garden peas with beetroot.

Received a postcard from Cyber-mate and jolly good egg Lynton.

He is a wit! He’s been walking at the Cotswold Way and returned to the fair City of Bath, and thought I’d appreciate the picture of a Bath as I had now lost mine!

P1110124 P1110125

Now that, was a clever thought, thanks, Lynton. Hehehe!

Went to check on the lamb chops, and found I’d left them in the oven tray on the side of the sink. Oh dear! So I put them in the oven correctly this time. Huh!

09Back to the CorelDraw graphic creating, and go got a little carried away with it I’m afraid… Whoopsiedangleplop!

The minted lamb chops were, er, shall I say, incinerated when I next checked.

I gobbled them up, all the same.

The plan was then to watch DVD, then at 2100hrs look at the debate on the Euro Stay/Exit… Nodded off – Woke up around 2330hrs, washed the pots, passed water and head down again.

Best laid plans eh? Hehe!

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