Inchcock – Thursday 18th May 2017: Computer Google Chrome Problems, Accifauxpa and


Thursday 18th May 2017

Italian: Giovedi 18 Maggio 2017

0200hrs Woke and off for a wee-wee. Got back down again and slept until 0306hrs.


First thing, I took the medications, had another wee-wee and heavy duty session on the Throne, messy gooey.

Then got on with trying to uninstall and reload Google Chrome to get rid of the freezing. Searched for advice first, but I could only get at far as Programs, clicked Chrome in the box and the computer telling me to ‘Select all Google Chrome Items’ – there were no more to pick or choose? Fed-up with this, I’ll see if I can get some help or anyone knows of someone who can come to the flat to have a look at and give me a hand, I’ll ask at the Windwood Social Hour, not very hopeful though. Grr!

Very frustrating having to wait for hours for it to reset itself when it does, it doesn’t frequently, reset reboot reload, turn off and reboot all the time, and every time I try to go on Facebook or YouTube. I’ll have to stay off for until I can get someone to pay to this sorted out… if I can?

Losing heart here.

Back to the Porcelain Throne again, no pebble-dash but gooey and sticky now! Going through the toilet paper at a fast rate of knots. Tsk! Haemorrhoid Harold was bleeding badly this morning.

Tried doing this update and finishing yesterday’s diary, which took hours due to my being too nervous to do it when I got back from the trip out Wednesday and being convinced I could sort out the Chrome uninstall and reinstall procedure today. Foolish me!

I wish I’d taken a photo from the kitchen window earlier now.This morning when I got up was crystal clear, look at it now?

This morning when I got up, it was crystal clear, look at it now?

I realised I’d not put the map of yesterday’s marathon hobble in the diary.

4Thur03So, here it is.

Just to show off and pretend I’m as fit as a fiddle.

The feet ain’t half stinging now, but I’ve only got myself to blame. Although I did enjoy the visit to the park and ducks and was well pleased with the results from Mr Redmain… or, was it Redman?

Although I did enjoy the visit to the park and ducks and was well satisfied with the results from Mr Redmain… or, was it Redman?

I’d like to make a note of my appreciation of the Pensioners Free Bus Pass too.

I reckon without this, yesterday’s bus trips would have cost me around the figure of £12-£15 in total!

By heck… the stomach and innards have just started off grinding and bubbling away again now. Tsk!

I did some WordPr4Thur04ess reading for a while.

Still unable to get on and use Facebook without Chrome problems.


The view from the kitchen window, when I made another mug of tea has changed again. A lot clearer once more? I got the last of the pod peas, some small potatoes and beef in the Crock-Pot cooking.

Took the rubbish bags to the chute. Then got the ablutions tended to and deodorised me up nicely. Made sure the raffle prizes and nibbles were in the bag.

Set off to the Tenants Social Hour.

A good session and one lady suggested I go to the phone shop in the Victoria Centre and ask ‘The Geeks’ for help with the computer problem. If I sign to pay the something monthly, they will always be on hand to help. That lady had signed with them. So, I decided to go into town afterwards and have a word with them, might try to get some pod peas at the same time.

4Thur05BJ was there, and a few laughs were had.

At the bus stop the weather looked marvellous to me, the trees so beautiful.

Another good listen best I could to the chinwagging.

As the bus went along Porchester Road, I took this photographicalisation of the sky towards the City Centre.


I could see a face in the clouds. When I got back, I made up the above graphic of it. I just wondered if anyone else can see it?

Dropped off the bus at the usual place near the Victoria Centre and hobbled in and through to the Phone Warehouse shop and to the back counter where the ‘Geek Squad’ sign indicated they would be located.



The chap with the blonde hair informed me the Geeks are only there for three hours a week on Saturday mornings! Deflated about that.

Poddled to the Tesco store, but they didn’t have any fresh pod peas in stock again! Bought some SourDough Bread, though.

So I went to the Fruit and Veg market and got some peas up there.

Out of the mall and into the Wilko Store. Got some disinfectant, foil and deodorant.


4Thur11Had a walk up Clinton Street window shopping.

But it was little, well, a lot more hectic than yesterday, so I gave up and got out soon as I could back onto Upper Parliament Street, and went to the bus-top, just avoiding a Burk on a bike Nottingham Pavement Cyclist.

Caught the L9 bus back to the flat complex.

4Thur07As the bus turned right, off of Porchester Street and down a narrow part of the route, I tried to get a photograph of the steep hill. But didn’t make too good a job of it cause a van turned in at the same time in front of the bus.

Battling falling asleep again now. I actually did nod off a few times, but luckily as the bus turned into Chestnut Walk, I stirred.

A quick chinwag with some residents at the bus stop and up with a little concern that I might not make it in time, to the flat and the Porcelain Throne.

Then, I moved the fodder into a saucepan to warm through and washed the slow cooker. The computer and Google are still letting me down. Will not let me work on Facebook again.

05Thu12I got the meal, a stew of sorts served up.

Podded peas, turnip, small potatoes, made a nice caramelised gravy to go with it and added some beef gravy and a tin of stewed steak to it.

Slices of Sourdough bread to soak up the nice rich gravy and a Lemon Fool to follow with this fool enjoying it a lot. 9.4/10 rating.

Got a phone call from Obergruppenfurheress Jenny, she had kindly arranged for a friend to call and have a look at my Google Chrome problems. Later when I was asleep and in the land of nod, the door chime burst forth and a note had been posted through the letterbox for me from Jenny. She told me a chap called Sam would be visiting me tomorrow night sometime after 1800hrs. That was so kind of her to help out.

Having woken up, I decided to make a mug of tea… Accifauxpa Time! Dropped the milk and cleaned it up.

Watched some TV for ages, no nod-offs in between. But the worries over the Chrome issue kept overtaking other thoughts.

TTFN each.

17 thoughts on “Inchcock – Thursday 18th May 2017: Computer Google Chrome Problems, Accifauxpa and

  1. I think both the Geek Squad and Best Buy or maybe it’s the Geek Squad at Best Buy have been implicated with installing spyware for the NSA on people’s computers by WikiLeaks. Maybe you should install FireFox and see how that works for you. I try to use as little Google stuff as I can. I don’t use Chrome other than to test web apps I write to make sure they work with Chrome. I use Duck Duck Go for my search engine and I use Firefox, TorBrowser and Safari for my browsers. I do use Youtube and Google Maps (mostly because I use Google Maps for the base maps in mapping apps I write because our clients want google maps). Otherwise, Apple’s Maps are pretty good and I have done programing with, which I like because it’s open source, but people are used to Google Maps, so I have to use it for the base.

    The problem with Google is they change things without warning and all of a sudden I have clients complaining because their maps don’t work, then I have to spend a lot of time figuring out what Google changed, and fix it. Sometimes it’s as simple as getting new map keys, other times, they changed the API and I had to reprogram hundreds of mapping apps to work with the new API. I learned a long time ago to never trust Google , Facebook, WordPress, Twitter or any social media. Some Youtubers have recently learned about Googles fickleness when their advertising revenue all but disappeared without warning because Google changed it’s advertising algorithms to exclude certain content without warning anyone about it.

    The only social media accounts I have are WordPress, LinkedIn and Google. I can’t dump Google because if I did all the base maps in my mapping apps that use Google Maps with would not work anymore. I keep WordPress just because of the number of followers I have on it, and LinkedIn is just there, and I don’t bother with it very much. The short of that long rant is don’t trust the Geek Squad.

    Looked to be very fogging at points. Great looking stew you came up with. The S-shaped couch is cool, and there are a lot of people out and about in Nottingham. Looks much different from my photos of downtown Albuquerque where you rarely see many people walking on the streets.

    The City’s officials made some type of agreement yesterday based on a 20 year old lawsuit that the police can no longer arrest people for petty crimes or jail them unless the crime is serious and/or violent. As I mentioned we have the highest crime rate of cities the same size in the country, soon we will have the highest crime rate in the Nation period. Mental illness has become a very serious issue among politicians and government workers in this country.

    • I did try Firefox when I bought this Window 10.1 computer, but it didn’t seem so stable as on the old laptop, Tim?
      No longer considering using the Geeks mate.
      Sandie from the TFZ site said she has had similar problems and cleared and reinstalled Chrome and all is well now. My problem is that I can’t get the system to let me remove the Google of the system?
      A kind chap is calling tonight to have a look at my dilemma. Kind of him. Fingers crossed.
      You politicians sound just like ours.
      Most folks in the Mall were, I think using the companies free wifi. early all of those seated had their phones out.
      We have the highest, apart from London, gun and knife crimes in the UK here in Nottingham.
      Think i got the stew right for once thanks, it was grand!

      • Hmmm! I thought guns were banned in the UK? That’s kind of funny we both live in high crime zones.

  2. try freeing up resources by closing tabs and apps when you’re not using them – noticed last time I visited that you had lots of tabs open on your browser, and several progs (excel, wordpress, Corel, etc) running in background

    some software launch processes at start up when you switch on your PC, this can prevent you uninstalling that software if parts of it are currently running

    try . . .

    1. hold down Ctrl, Alt, and DEL keys at same time
    2. select Task Manager option from pop-up menu that appears
    3. select Start Up tab
    4. scroll down until you find any mention of Google Chrome then right mouse click on that entry and select Disable
    5. restart computer
    6. select uninstall software from control panel
    7. scroll down and select any mention of chrome and choose uninstall option

    that should work and then you can try installing new version of chrome – or try installing Opera browser and using that instead of Chrome ?

  3. just a thought, Inchy

    have you tried using Microsoft’s Edge browser that came with your computer to access Facebook?

    if you can get onto Facebook using that browser then you know you have a problem with Chrome

    if you have the same problem getting onto Facebook with the Edge browser then the problem isn’t with Chrome and you have to start looking at what else might be going on, e.g., too many applications open at same time

  4. I see a clown face in that cloud, lol. As for the computer issues both Firefox & Opera are free, if Jenny’s friend can’t patch up Chrome. <3

    • Thanks, flower.
      I’ll ask the computer guy if I ever get to see him again. The Gmail, WordPress and browser keep on going unresponsive and it ain’t no pleasure no more being on the web.
      Hopeless for concentration.
      On WordPress and it froze informing me that Requests to the Server have been blocked by an extension. How I wish they had told me which extension though.
      Glad you saw the face too, does it look a little like it is blowing, puffing cheeks to you?
      Might not be able to respond for a while until things get sorted… if they get sorted ever.
      Sorry, but I feel so low now.
      Felt bad when the bother started, then after Sam’s visit I felt so good and ebullient – then to find the problem even worse, I’ve sunk into an unhealthy state of feeling sorry for myself and darkness. Well, low anyway. Hehe!

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