Inchcock Today: Hospital with Sister Jane

I fell asleep (at last) early last night – sprang awake at 0300hrs and for the first time in ages could not remember having any dreams.

WC’d, bit of blood from the rear. Knees and hands not to bad with arthritis, ulcer okay, angina a touch bothersome and ticker beating away like a good un. The escapages of wind continue unabated however.

Made a cuppa, started laptop and finished yesterdays Diary and worked on some graphics and facebooked a bit.

Took my medications aware that I missed last nights so I can expect a bit of bother of some sort today. Tsk!

Must remember to ring Sister Jane later to confirm what time she wants me to meet her at her bus-stop in town to go with her on her appointment at the Queens Medical Centre.

Also must take out bins for collection, call at the GP to collect prescription and after going with Jane, I must call at the chemist for me monthly medications.

Rang Pete early and confirmed he and Jane would be going and I could meet them at 1315hrs at their bus-stop in the City Centre.


Made another cuppa and had a pot of porridge. (By gum I live well)

Forgot to take me bin out – Tsk!

Titivated myself and set off remembering to call at the GP surgery for me extra prescription – which they took a while to find, it was with my monthly prescriptions that the chemist had not collected yet. Hey-ho. I took them all down to the chemist as it was on me walk into town anyway.

Bit drab this morning with the odd spot of rain but not too cold at all.

0501As I was half way down Mansfield Road from the cemetery I thought how sad the row of shops looked across the road.

I pressed on and got into town and made my way to Argos to see if they had any mini-cookers in – they hadn’t – so moved towards the bus-stop where I was to meet Jane and Pete, and noticed 0502yet again the Nottinghomian’s habit of ignoring traffic and pedestrian lights as they crossed over the road against red lights again. No wonder the cyclists on the pavements don’t interest them.

Had a go at me crossword book while I waited in the bus-shelter for Jane and Pete.

They soon arrived and we walked to catch the bus to the QMC.

We set off and were soon at the hospital, very early for Jane’s appointment but they still came and took her in for the x-rays (That’s not the word she used but it I’ll forgotten the word).

0503Jane was out in 6 minutes and we were out walking to the bus-stop to get back to town and I took a photo of them.

Pete took one or more of Jane and me on his camera phone, I’m still awaiting him to email them to me.

In town I walked them to their bus-stop and had a poddle to Friar Lane and the Asian food shop, where I got some of the cheesey seaweed.

0504Then walked through the slab square in the city centre where the Nottingham Wheel was being well used, despite the rain now a little heavier.

I think I might treat myself soon and have a go one it to take some photographs?

Two police vans were outside Primark again. Shoplifter?

Walked up to Victoria centre the Trinity Square where I got a photo of some ‘bling’ in the jewellery shop window for the TFZ gals, much to the consternation of the lady inside.

0505Yet again as I passed the lights on Upper Parliament street the precious little Nottingham citizenry were still crossing against the lights.

Caught the bus back to Carrington and hobbled to the dump, got to the door and realised I’d not collected me prescriptions from the chemist – just as the rain got heavy again. Limped to the MedTrentalchemist and collected me sack of medications and returned to the hovel. They said they couldn’t get any of me Trental blood release tablets but would have some for me on Monday.


Sated me hunger pangs with 2 beef slices, a tin of potatoes and followed them with yoghurt and a mousse.

Laptop on, took me medications and started to update this diary.

Again I have a feeling I’ve forgotten something today…?

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