Inchcock Today – Thur 5/3/15 – No Vicambulation today!

Thursday 5th March 2015

Another bad night of very little sleep thanks to the torn muscle and Anne Gyna doing her bit as well. Tsk!

Didn’t get up until very late for me about 0715hrs – took me medications quickly.


Not a good start today, hemorrhoids bleeding, Anne Gyna rampant, Arthur Itis fair, Ulcer twinging, reflux valve sticking causing sharp intakes of breath that triggered the torn muscle under me ribs to sting me something awful. 

Made a cuppa and tried to get myself familiar with Serif Draw x6 again – complete failure when the program kept crashing.

Feeling sorry fer missen and a bit low now.

It’s a good job that know-one is living with me – because all they would have heared from me is: Argh! Hoe! Eeck! Soddit! Aah! Grumpf! Yeow! Agagagag! Ouch! and Hugabehbeh! and similar intermingled with a few (Well a lot really) of chosen involuntarily at random but nonetheless wide selection of curse words, swearing and oaths each and every time I moved in pain! Still, it took me mind off of me arthritis fer a bit.

Got missen down and ready for the food delivery from Iceland. (The shop like, not the country).


Fred and Fatima at breakfast today

Fed the pigeons, made a cuppa and started this ‘ere diary off.

Still in pain at any movements I decided definitely not to vicambulate (Walk the streets) today.

Spent hours doing graphics but kept losing Coreldraw9 and Serif Plus x6 and the work 01PKdone due to the laptop freezing.

Here’s just a few of those I didn’t manage to lose and posted on The Troll Free Zone and on my Facebook picture galleries.

<Patricia Cor blimey… very fetching in her black 02PMCleather get-up eh!


The little temptress in her rather naughty 03JantAand skimpy leatherette attire and cheeky smile! Notice the riding crop in her hand?


Showing her multi-talents to there best effects here in her lusty leatherette attire she is nearly wearing.


04WandaLuxury leatherette for Wanda with the fur collar and quilted leather jacket from Dior modelled expertly.


The pulse racing get-up from Gladys will no doubt go viral on facebook. Heavy breathing and racing tickers may become a tad more prevalent amongst the male population of Facebookers now. And I’m not surprised in the slightest either!


Marilyn Monroe? Huh… not a patch on Lynda with her full natural talents displayed in her modernistic leatherette attire – love the sexy gloves, gives this photo the finishing touch don’t you think?


Love the flash red leatherette dress what Sandra is wearing and filling out very nicely too if I may say.


Another gal opting for the enticing red leatherette look. And that non-revealing look she is giving us says more than she realises mehthinks.

Took me medications (Not surprisingly is it with all these lovely leatherette ladies?).

Hope to get some sleep tonight – and a walk of some sort tomorrow – ailments allowing of course.

So it’s TTFN from the Nottingham Lad.

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    • How kind of you to say so. But I cannot return to the Ottoman Empire because I can’t find it like. I did a search on Google but kept getting bedroom furniture? So went to kip. Sorry.

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