Inchcock Today: Odd night last night – Friday 6/3/2015

Friday 6th March 2015

A lousy night last night – didn’t nod of until around 0400hrs then kept waking up every few minutes. Remember looking at time at 0630hrs then drifted off – the mobile rang it was Sister Jane – apparently I’d called her a few minutes before?

We had a natter, she’s feeling better so that’s good.

Drifted off again and didn’t wake up until about 1130hrs.

Got myself beautified took me midday medications (Far too late for me morning ones).

Seems me innards are on the turn again, this time into not wanting to evacuate – spent yonks on the porcelain to no avail – the message from me innards told me I needed to go, but nothing happened.

The pulled muscle seems no worse today so things improving there, Anne Gyna not bad at all, ulcer perfick, Arthur Itis okayish, haemorrhoids no bleeding but stinging a tad and reflux valve sticking a bit again.

Received INR results and dosages, 2.6 so going in the right direction now.


Fred and Fatima this morning

Got the stuff sorted and nibbles into a carrier bag for the Nottingham Hospice charity shop.

Set off, feeding Fred and Fatima on the way out of the house.

Very windy again, but not cold with it at all.

Noticed hoodies lurking in ST Johns churchyard up to no good I’ll be bound.


Nottingham Street Art – one

Bit of Nottingham Street Art on the corner of Church Drive.

No many folk around for a Friday.

Up the hill passing the cordoned off by police St Johns church community centre that was burgled last night – I considered taking a photo of it, but the comminatory look the police officer gave me ensured that I forgot the idea in  a flash.


To Sherwood along Mansfield Road

Up onto Mansfield road and down the hill into Sherwood.

The sky was bright, the people few, and down to use the local library loo!


Facing back towards Carrington from outside the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop

Unfortunately it was closed due to vandalism and I had to suffer. Then up to the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop where I gave them me bits and their nibbles.

I called at the Continental food shop and got a loaf of bread and two slices of their mixed seasoned belly pork.

Fri05Arthur Itis started to play up a bit and as I left the shop I was concerned about finding a loo rather urgently.

I noticed that there were three disability scooters were outside the pub today.

Notice I was keeping on the other side of the road to avoid the possibility of the drunken scooter drivers running into me in the event of their staggering out well sloshed like.

Fri06Onwards up the hill and on the corner of Mapperley Street more new Nottingham street Art in the form of a rather pathetically unskilled bit of graffiti spray painted on the wall that the Restaurant owner had re-plastered and painted a month or so ago.

I do dislike this so called Street Art and the antisocial apprentice yobs and nerks that do it.

Fri07Up the hill and a walk through the side streets coming across this sign that had been torn down a lamp post and had a bracket broken off it – and some writing (Presumably thought witty back the perpetrator/author) had been added in marker pen at the bottom of the sign.

But I could not make out what it was supposed to say.

More Nottingham Street Art?

Hastened me pace and got back to the dump in time to get to the porcelain – success this time.

Made a cuppa, made some sandwiches of the belly pork and got a mini pork pie with pickle out of the fridge.

Started the laptop and watched a DVD while eating me nosh.

Life of Riley or what eh?

Doing me header for this Diary Coreldraw didn’t play-up freeze or give me any bother at all?

Then when I restarted it to do some stuff for the TFZ page it froze repeatedly?

Int life confusing?

Actually slept for hours too – at last!

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