Sat 15 Aug 2015: Inchcock Today – Dispirited!

Saturday 15th August 2015


0150hrs: Woke, a feeling of something wrong, missing or amiss pervaded… Ah, it was ’cause I had got me head down in front room on the softer carpet like, and the beat of the fridge-freezer was missing!

01topa2Coughing a bit now – getting soaked in the rain yesterday didn’t help.

I perused the condition of the room, noticed I’d left me paperwork part-sorted from yesterday lying out in order so I could remember where I’d got to with them – of course none of it made any sense to me now?

Called to the WC, and not a good visit at all this morning at all: Coughing away I investigated ‘Little Inchy’, he needed cleaning up again and some more Betamethosone treatment – and the haemorrhoids were bleeding like ridiculously! The Reflux valve was sticking out of me chest like a mole-hill, never known it as bad. At least Anne Gyna wasn’t bothering me much and the ulcer was calm, Arthur Itis of course ever-present, especially in the fingers again today – it’s taking me ages to type this with all the correcting I’m having to do. Huh!

Aug 15I did manage to finish the graphic for Les Johnson for his excellent book Erskine Quint – Timeless Insanity. I must say it’s the best fiction adventure book I’ve ever read – bonkers but captivating.

I had hoped to get to some charity shops to see if I could find a desk for me computer and a bed – but then remembered the chair is being delivered some time today from the Sue Ryder charity shop. So that’s me stuck in until it arrives.

Had to redo me medicating of ‘Little Inchy’ again. That and the reflux valve and me coughing were all a bit concerning, but still, I’ve done well to get this far so far… I think…

Made a cuppaDSCF0294 and took me medications.

After a search for me hearing-aids and putting them in – I could hear a noise, no idea which way or where it was coming from – or what it was for that matter?

I listened for a few minutes to try to identify it, couldn’t tell if it was whining deep voices or not, seemed to be mechanical at times as well… so annoying I took out me hearing-aids.

The back pains started again as soon as I tried to pick up some swept up bits of carpet trimmings. Felt a bit low now.

The chaps arrived with the chair from the charity shop and put it inside for me.

Got fed-up with myself and seeing all the mess everywhere, and decided to have a trip into town to get out a bitDSCF0295.

Took this photograph leaning out of the kitchen window – and it tool a lot of pain and struggle to open the window too.

Blackberry pickers and dog walkers with confused dogs now they have cut the field back.

Walked up and through Woodthorpe Park and down into Sherwood and had a look in the charity shops to see if they had any desks or beds for sale, but no luck.

DSCF0296Back up to the bus-stop and utilised me pensioners free-bus-pass into town.

Called in Tesco and got some tomatoes, then walked through Victoria Centre (Mall) and over the walk-over taking this photo.

Not many folk about for a Saturday.

Down the stairs the other end and walked along to the bus-stop for the Arnold buses and caught one dropping off in Carrington and calling at the old place which had not been burgled I’m glad to say.

Gathered some stuff to take back to the flat in two big bags.

Feeling a bit like I was on auto-pilot at this stage and somewhat confused as to what and why I was doing this. Mind racing, stomach churning, Arthur Itis giving me some stick too now.

Left the mess at the house and caught the bus back to the mess in the flat… Tsk!

DSCF0297Dropped off in Sherwood and walked to the top and back to the flat through Woodthorpe Park again.

Feeling sorry for missen again I think as I struggled up the walkway with the bags.

I somehow noticed an odd coloured lady bird crawling over the leaves at me DSCF0298feet, and tried to take a photograph of it for the Facebook site.

This is the lamentable result.

I suppose I ought to just accept that me and the little camera ain’t up to taking such close-up shots. I put it on max zoom and bent down to take the shoe… and it took me through some pain getting back up again. As I straightened up and began to walk on with me bags, Anne Gyna started giving me some gip.

DSCF0299Back in the flat and feeling low still, hunger pangs made me get me nosh early.

Salad and a half it was.

Potatoes, last of the mushroom pate’ and mini sausages, tomatoes, strong cheddar, beetroot and cabbage and lettuce. Caramelised red onion relish and bread thins to-boot.

XmasNoshUnfortunately I ate the lot, and then some biscuits afterwards too!

Did some graphicalisationing for a few hours.

Coughing and sneezing.

Weariness overcame me again.

No choice other than to get me head down in the front room. Kept waking up with coughing or the back pain… and Little Inchy bleeding again.

Worrying and fretting each time about the mess I was in.

Not in good spirits at all.


One thought on “Sat 15 Aug 2015: Inchcock Today – Dispirited!

  1. Oh Inchy, you must get some rest and please see a doctor about that cold. All of the coughing is making the rest of your symptoms worse, causing the swelling and pain. Please, please ask for a tonic to help calm that, or at least try drinking some ginger tea with honey. Ginger has a hot taste that helps calm the coughing, and just makes me feel better when I have the colds. Maybe it will work for you also.
    And while walking is good for you, too much of it can kill you. I don’t want that to happen. I want you to feel better, have some good days, and get some rest. If you close your eyes you won’t see the mess, and believe me, it will still be there tomorrow.
    You didn’t tell us what happened with your fridge. Is it still working? Did it stop having fits and begin to be a good little fridge?
    Take care of you dear. XO. Angie
    p.s. I always loved the idea of being Royalty. Thanks for making me one.

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