Sun 16 Aug 2015: Inchcock Today

Sunday 16th August 2015


0144hrs: Woke, with feelings of uncertainty and uneasiness?

Me back twinging away at me, the angina playing up, bleeding ‘Little inch’, bleeding haemorrhoids, coughing and sneezing, stomach rumbling and felt so cold! Still, the reflux valve and ticker seemed calm.

Put me dressing gown on and looked at all the mess around me that needs sorting… guilt-ridden at me lack of abilities, money and help to get owt done, being conned by United Carpets… then the self-pity came over me and I felt rotten!

I took me readings BP etc.

Sys 146 – Dia 73 – Pulse 70 – Temp 34.2 I’m none the wiser till, but it seems like me usual readings or there abouts. Me problem is I keep forgetting to do these every day and the nurse ain’t happy when I go in without the readings.

Put some Betamethasone cream on the Little Inch, Phorpain gel on me knees and back where I could reach anyway.

Depressed beyond understanding I hobbled into the kitchen (The arthritis in the knees bad as well this morning, but the hands seemed okay… but later events soon changed this!).

Made a cuppa and took photo of the opening screen when I started the laptop, and tried to make use of the WC but the innards wouldn’t let me?

After I went on WordPress and got yesterdays diary finished off and posted, I went on Facebook. This cheered me up a bit I’m glad to report – so many messages and comments from me Cyber-Friends. Despite Anne Gyna letting me know she was not happy.

0104aMade another cuppa and took me morning medications early but still.

So much to try and get sorted today. Tons more paperwork to sort and that takes ages, I don’t want to rush it and shred owt I’ll need.

Still too early to start making noise with the shredder.

Sun01Answered me emails and blog comments, then I did some preparatory graphicalisationing on Coreldraw and Corel Paint X7 for a while.

Guilt at getting nothing done rose its ugly head and I tried to get the overspill paint off one of the four doors that he’d left some on for me.

Failed miserably with me cleaner spray and marked the wood – don’t know what to try next?

Still feeling guilt ridden, I decided to try to use Sun03the mechanism on the kitchen window to to turn it 180° ready for me to clean them – not easy as I have to get me arthritic hand between the button thing and the wall and hold it open all the time while turning the great window with me other arthritic hand!

A real struggle that, now I have red bruises on me knuckles.

Bits of the decaying window frame fell off all over the place and floor when I got it turned – eventually.

Tried Asda window cleaner – not much good, then tried kitchen cleaner with bleach on it, a bit better but it took ages and was so painful stretching up. The framework was filthy and took extra effort and patience to get something like clean. Chips in the glass inside and out.

When I eventually got to closing it to clean the inside I still had to keep the button thingy pulled out all the time or it would not move at all again – well pee’d off and annoyed with that I was.

Then of course I could see marks I’d missed off on the outside – Huh! No way I was going through all that pain again, they could stay there until I can get someone to help me next time – which might be forever!

Cleaned the narrow static window at the bottom. Then had to clear and clean the ledge and floor of droppings when I had opened the window – sod this for a lark – but who can I ask for help? Yes… nobody.

Hard to type now ’cause of the pain in me knuckles – yer can’t win can yer? Tsk.

Sun02Took me first picture through the window at 0620hrs.

I could hear noises again that I could not recognise – this seems to happen every day here lately?

Couldn’t even tell where they were coming from?

WC’d with great difficulty for some reason – the haemorrhoids bled profusely avote02aagain as did ‘Little Inchy’. I really must mention this to the GP on me next visit, it’s getting a tad worrying, especially with the Warfarin INR level having just returned to something like normal last week.

Updated this diary, then returned to me graphicalisationing on Coreldraw.

Got a good bath and changed – ‘Little Inchy’ not bleeding so much now. Haemorrhoids still bad though. Tsk!

Set off on a walk into Woodthorpe Park, determined to find the Tropical House to have a viewing of and take some photographs of it.

IMG_0043I walked up the back and to the top of the hill at the back of the Park.

It took me while because there were no signs for it to be found.

When I did find it, it was closed!

Hey-ho, never mind, at least I know where it is now.

Tomorrow it’s closed all day – but I’ve got to go to the Queens Medical Centre anyway, for me Warfarin INR deep blood tests.

IMG_0044It was lovely walking back through the gardens part, they were unkempt but that didn’t stop me enjoying them and for a while at least, forget me other worries.

I walked down into the thickets of wood and came across a tree stump that had some amazing looking fungi-growth at the base of it.

IMG_0045The wonderful two different fungi is on the right bottom of this photograph.

There was an orange and white ticket nailed to the stump, wondered what it was for?

Anyone know please?

Hobbled on and down the field back to the flats in a bit of a rush – The WC porcelain was summoning me attentions like.

Got in just in time – soddit, ‘Little Inchy’ was bleeding again – I really must mention this to the nurses tomorrow.

I met me lady neighbour when I was taking out some rubbish to the chute – and asked her if she’s like the bottle of Clementine juice that was too sweet for me.01topa

I asked her in to show her the mess United Carpets had made of installing them – that’s UNITED CARPETS!

Just thought I ought to warn any other prospective mugs like, yer know.

Did even more prep work on Coreldraw.

IMG_0046Hunger pangs matured and I got me nosh on.

The coughing started to return and the odd sneeze emitted.

I must say I really enjoyed me nosh tonight.

Chips (Fries for me hoards of fans in America Hehe!), garden peas, roasted peppers, lettuce and cabbage and some bread thins. I’d tried these chips before and they were a bit tasteless – so cunningly coated them with a pot of herbs and spices, that did the trick. Rated it 8.3/10.

The usual sudden fatigue overcame me and I retired for the night.

TTFN all.

3 thoughts on “Sun 16 Aug 2015: Inchcock Today

  1. I think I’m joining you in some of your pain luv. My shoulders only though. I hope it’s just the weather causing it. Hope you didn’t forget to talk to the doctor about the bleeding problems. You kinda need blood in the system to keep it going, ya know.
    If you find that those fungi are edible, oh my, what a feast you will have. They look large enough to use as a meat substitute for a sandwich, just lightly fried with a small amount of veg oil and herbs for seasoning. I’m making myself hungry just thinking about them. Sure wish I could identify the edible from the poison in nature. I’m not exactly the most observant person on the planet.
    Take care of you, my friend. Don’t look around for trouble. It always finds you without any effort on your part.
    Have a good evening.

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