Mon 17 Aug 2015: Inchcock Today: Medicationalistical activities

Monday 17th August 2015


Off on me way to hospital today, well it cheers the nurses – Hehe!

0200hrs: Woke slowly – the dreams I’d had fresh and worrying in me mind – by the time I got up and visited the porcelain those memories were gone completely. I hate it when that happens!

Another bloody bloody visitation – ‘Little Inchy’ so sore and leaking, back passage the same. I’m getting fed-up with this!

Made a cuppa, opened laptop and got morning medication pot out ready for later. Made sure me INR record log was in me pocket ready, along with me bus-pass and camera.

Did me LOMM site posts while I had the chance, then posted yesterdays diary off.

Made  cuppa, took me medications and Facebooked for ages and ages.

41T1 Did some graphics fer the TFZ site.

It took me ages to get them something like right, but I do enjoy making them for the TFZers and me Cyber-pals.

Best thing I did in a whole it was to get the newer (very expensive) Coreldraw x7 suite and the new (Then) laptop so I can make use of the power of the programme like.

SuzFlingWC’s and doctored the bleeding parts of me anatomy.

Hehe, wot a life!

Another cuppa then I got a good scrub-up and freshening missen a bit.

Checked to make sure the nurses nibbles and camera was in the bag and bus-pass, INR form and mobile phone in me coat pocket ready for me trip to the Queens Medical Centre tests.

Had a natter with some of the other tenants at the bus-stop – the caught the L9 bus into town, again proving the value of me Free Pensioners Bus Pass.

Dropped off in the City Centre and made me was to catch another bus out to the QMC fer me tests.

The team in the haematology department were all new to me – and the other four people and every one but one of the six nurses were not English. Nice people though.

IMG_0054Came out and made me way to the bus stop back into town. Took a photo of the crowds going into the hospital.

Ahem… on the left…

Got into town and thought I’d see if i could get any of the working socks like last time from Primark, they were comfy they were.

IMG_0053I noticed on me way to the store, the wicker displays had had flowers planted in them now.

I thought the  high-heeled shoe one was worth photographing.

Got into Primark but they did not have any of the type of socks like wot they had in stock last time I called in – shame.

IMG_0055The crowds on me way to the store were a bit large for a Monday.

Still, if yer collapsed going down this Clumber Street, yer wouldn’t hit the floor cause of all the shoplifters… no, no, sorry… Nottinghamians I meant to say like.

IMG_0056I poddled into the town’s Slab Square where the Nottingham Beach and boating pool was well attended, despite the lack of sunshine.

Caught the L9 bus back to the flats and took advantage of me getting seen to early at the hospital and gor me washing ready to take down t’laundrette room.

Started the washing machine off and returned up to the flat to use the WC. Put some letters in me bag to take to the Community Hut/Shed that had been delivered for Margaret, the previous tenant, when I got downstairs sadly someone had dropped off a letter for a lady tenant before whoever left it, the lady had passed away last week.

That makes three this month as far as I know of, two in Woodthorpe Court and one in Winchester Court – by gum we’re dropping like flies. Hehehe!

I got the togs out of the washer and into the drier and for some reason it didn’t start, so I had to pay again, this time it started okay.

I popped to the Community Shed and Obergruppenfurher Kommander Julie was in – but that didn’t scare me at all. FibMode I gave her the letters and a choice of nibbles from me bag.

IMG_0058On me way back to Woodthorpe Court, I caught a squirrel as I turned the corner and managed to get a shot of it on the concrete slabs at the end of the complex near the entrance to the woods.

IMG_0057Got back to the washing room and read me book for a while (Can’t find me crossword book anywhere?).

When I went into the room to see if the drier had finished there was water on the floor, not from anywhere near the drier mind? Nipped up to the flat and got some towel to dry it off in case anyone slipped on it, but it remains a mystery as to where it came from?

The drier did its usual good job, togs in bag, back up to flat, togs in airing cupboard, then back down to the laundry room to collect me book. Huh!

Back up t’flat (Good job the lift ain’t broke today).

IMG_0059Got some chips int oven, and made me nosh, again I enjoyed it – but then I sank into depression for the rest of the night.

Suddenly gripped with anxiety over not getting things sorted at the old place.

Took me evening medications.

3 thoughts on “Mon 17 Aug 2015: Inchcock Today: Medicationalistical activities

  1. You’ve been doing a lot of running around all day my friend. Also a lot of photographalization. I like that word so I added it to my dictionary. What happened to all of your usual nurses? Strange they all disappeared at the same time.
    I’ve been doing some photograpahalization today also, but mine isn’t as good as yours yet. I’ve lost the touch, so it will take lots more practice on my part. Haven’t done much more packing either, just look at it and shake my head. I only have one day to move, so it will have to be ready if/when I find out when the day will be. After I get it down the hall, I can take more time to go thru it and toss or save. Kinda hard when you have no help, huh? Even my kids have deserted me now. It gets lonely at the top. I guess they will be old some day too. Just hope their kids pay more attention to them. Big sigh.
    Hugs to you my friend. Now get some rest.

    • Not too good this morning Angel. Feeling a bit frustrated and down, I hate it when I get like this.
      I thought it odd about the nurses too gal?
      Sorting is a problem for us both innit? Shame it is like it is with no help available – bet if we were both rich things would be different.
      I hope things improve your end pet. When the day comes things will start to get a little better I pray.
      Memory not so good this morning, can’t remember what I have got on to do – I know there is something, but what it is I don’t know – frustrating that. Don’t know whether to go out or not in case someone is calling about something I can’t remember – or, should I be going out to an appointment that I can’t remember?
      Ah well, they can’t stop me sending you a Long Cuddle back can they.
      TTFN flower of the internet. XXX

      • I know that feeling well luv. My doctor is visiting tomorrow morning, but I forget what time. I have no plans, so it is okay whatever time she comes.
        I’m going to toss a lot of these boxes that are in my way. They are empty, and will be too heavy for me to move alone, so might as well get rid of them now as have them in the way. If I knew the date I could call some cousins, but don’t know the date, so just don’t know what to ask of them. I don’t know if there are signs posted downstairs or not, but they are supposed to email me about changes, and I have not received a message. I am being harassed by management though, and they might not give me any notice at all, just tell me the morning I am supposed to move that I should have been ready. I’m just too tired and depressed to fight any more. Looks like we are both frustrated today.

        Thanks for the Cuddle. I need that. Much better now.
        I think I can sleep now. Nite luv.

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