Inchcock Today Wed 7 Oct 15: Wet in more than one way today…

Wednesday 7th October 2015

Up at 0405hrs, WC. Not feeling too bright this morning.

Haemmorhoids bleeding badly, dizzies early, Little Inchy sore and bleeding. Anne Gyna giving me a bit of grief.

On the brighter side the Reflux valve is a lot easier, and Arthur Itis not too bad at all in the legs or feet and only some twinging and stiffening in me hands as yet.

Recalled bits of a dream: Ladies in a big room, lots of ladies, all ignoring me as I ran around sticking labels with ‘Best before’ dates on the arms? I found myself in an office filled with purple coloured furniture, curtains and wallpaper, I knew this despite the dream being in mono? I was laying out desks and chairs and putting a pencil, spoon and an aubergine on each desk…  

Made a cuppa and took me medications.

Got me togs ready for the laundering session and went down to the laundry room. Met a Scottish lady from the first floor and had a chin-wag when he came in to start her laundering session.

P1020226Got the washer going and back to the flat. Had a cuppa and started this diary, then back down to take the washing from the machine to the drier.

Met the Scottish gal again.

Got the drier going and then back to the flat again.

Updated this again. Then back down to collect me washing from the dryer.

P1020227Brought the washing back up and ensconced it snugly in the airing-cupboard.

Made a cuppa.

Updated this diary, then finished off yesterdays diary and got it posted off to the web.

P1020225Morrison’s came and went, put the stuff away then got ready to go out to an Aldi store, to see if they have any Frikadellens on sale for me to try, so I can compare them to the Lidl ones I had for nosh last night.

I really did enjoy them – and a write up about them on the web says how healthy they are compared to burgers and sausages too!

Called at the hut on the way out, no one there so left some nibbles for them.

01topj3Caught the L9 bus, after an entertaining gossip with some of the other residents of the Stalag… no flats.

Took a photo for the bus window as we turned into and down Gordon Hill.

Got into town and I walked in the drizzling rain to the Aldi store. They had some Frikadellens in, but they were smaller and lighter than the Lidl ones, so I didn’t get any.

01topj4Walked over the road and through the Victoria Centre.

The rain coming heavier now and the wind got up.

Hobbled down into the slab-square in the City Centre.

01topj6There were some stalls there again, but with the rain they belting down not many people were inclined to stop and buy owt!

I popped into Primark and bought yet another cap, another waxed one and put it on in an effort to avoid getting too wet on me way home.

01topj5Made me way passed the Chilwell and Beeston bus stops to Queen Street and waited for the L9 bus to get me back to the flats and out of the rain and wind.

Had a dizzy-spell at the bus-stop. Must remember I thought, to take me BP when I get back home. (Nice work that, home).

01topj7 Took a photo from me seat on the bus, of all the buses surrounding the bus… Hehe!

No signs of falling asleep on the journey back to the Woodthorpe flats either today!

Rare that recently!

Got in the door and made hurriedly for the porcelain.

Did some spontaneous sorting out on the clothes racks, but got it all wrong and gave up when another dizzy-spell appeared.

That reminded me to take me reading so  did:

01topj9cSys: 88 Dia: 64 Pulse 74: Temp: 31°. I’ll ask the nurse when I go on Friday if these look okay, I forgot to ask her to look at me readings last time I went. Well fancy that Tsk!

The rain was still persisting down.

Decided to get me nosh early in case the dizzies persisted.

P1020236Had the easiest to make, but some Rosti potatoes in’t oven to have with some bread, made two sweet loin sandwiches and some beetroots, followed by a pot of mandarin yoghurt.

Laptop on updating while the Rostis warmed through.

Got the mobile in me hand to call Steve from Age UK and he called me!

He’s calling for the £840 for the house clearance man tomorrow – that is providing he had got it done by then – so with luck, once I pay-up we can start getting the house on the market. Good job I had professional help from Steve in getting somewhere to live and the old place on the market – it’s only took him 4 months to get this far. Tsk! (Now now Gerry, no bitterness please! Hehe!)

Made sure the money was still there and I’d not forgotten where I put it like.

Not feeling very bright again now.

Had me nosh, Rated it another 9/10, and fell asleep.

P1020237Woke an hour or so later and ran a bath, which I enjoyed apart from clouting me ankle when I was getting out.

Then made a cuppa and took me medications and updated this twaddle.

Nice view from the kitchen window tonight.

TTFN all.

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