Inchcock Today – Tue 13 Oct 15: Housebound thanks to Wilko – Must remember to thank em!

Tuesday 13th October 2015

Up at 0415 – straight to the porcelain – usual bleeding front the and rear. Cleaned missen up.

Kettle on for a cuppa, took me medications.

Today being the day for me Wilko order to arrive at the flats – and that’s all it is guaranteed to do – as the lady who I spoke with from Wilko said it will be up to the courier driver whether he/she will take the goods upstairs for me or not, as apparently they do no have insurance cover for using the lifts?

01topj6I emailed Deana Walker the Obergruppenfurher for the flats with a request that the caretaker might keep an eye out for the delivery and assist me getting me stuff up to the flat in the event that the driver is unwilling to.

Got an interesting Automatic email in return:

01topj7It informed me that she is on holiday Monday 7th September returning to work on Monday 14th September?

It is October innit?

Confused now.

Twixt 12 > 1400hrs Asda should be delivering.’

So, as I don’t know the number for the shed so can’t ring them, I rang Deana’s mobile – no answer, no voice-mail. Assuming I rang the right number.

Can’t go out to ask anyone to pass on a message or go to the hut in case the delivery should arrive and they call me on the intercom?

In a building with 200 other residents and so alone at the same time. Hehe!

Ah well, I’ll get some graphics done then, oh, I’ll make another cuppa first.

Frustrating day and I’ve only been up for five hours…

Started doing some graphicalisationing.

Email in from Wilko, telling me that Night freight had despatched four parcels, and will update me further if needed?

Asda delivery arrived. Not much in it today, but got some seasoned fries I’m looking forward to later.

Had a Pot Noodle for nosh, added some Marmite to boost it a bit.

Tried to clean the draining board again, but it’s too scratched and not nice to look at. Tried the expensive Fairy Deep cleaner on it, no good.

No signs of the Wilko delivery yet.

Back to creating me graphics.

Got some done ready to use later when I get me Duncan post done.

Made a cuppa nd took me evening medications.

Getting hungry now, but don’t want to waste me food if I cook me chips and the Wilko delivery arrives. But will it? Getting on now, nearly 1700 hours… will it arrive… ♫ Dang dang dang dang! ♫

Well, gone 1800hrs and no Wilko delivery.

I’ve emailed enquiries at Wilko to inform them. Tsk!

Disappointed to say the least, a wasted day!

IMG_0008Got me chips and pork thingies in’t oven cooking.

Took medications.

This nosh was grand.

Rated it 9.2/10.

Head down and so disappointed with the Wilko Non-delivery

TTFN all.

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