Inchcock Today Sun 1 Nov 15: Not in good nick today… Tsk!

Sunday 1st November 2015

Sun06Woke 0520hrs, feeling stiff all over, Little Inchy been leaking again, Anne Gyna lurking all over the top half of me chest and me legs were bloated up again.

To the WC, the bleeding nose from last nights Whoopsiedangleplop had congealed.

Went into the kitchen and groaned at the horrendous mess it looked, despite me hours of grafting at trying to sort it yesterday! Not happy at all with it.

Cuppa and took me medications – at least I remembered where I’d moved me stock of readied pots of tablets gels and medicines to. Even found me ear spray at the first attempt. Hehe!

Laptop on to finish yesterdays diary.

Checked emails and did some Facebooking.

P1020340Another cuppa and a pot of porridge. I added some lemon curd to the pot.

While consuming these a thought came into my mind (This does occur sometimes) that I was going to go to the shops in Sherwood this morning… but I couldn’t remember what for?

P1020339Then when I took me cup into the kitchen to wash it…

I saw the fog had descended somewhat.

Pondered on what to tackle first in the sorting-out saga today.

Must get some done cause medical Sun03thingamabobs tomorrow will prevent any activity on this front.

Had a wash and shave, WC’d and guess what me first task was?

Clue here in this photographicalisation.

Set to reorganising the kitchen yet again.

Many hours later…

I was so tired and frustrated I decided as the fog had cleared to go for a walk into Sherwood to get a replacement for the item in the photo that I’d cleaned in the hope of using again. But the plastic bit broke when I tried to retread the string.

Sun04As I walked up to the top of the path into the park – the trees with their changing seasons appearance just had to be photographed. Beautiful!

Into Sherwood and the Wilko store.

Came out with a new mini-hoover, nail brush, cotton balls, ceiling switch cord, lobby grip and cotton-wipes as a replacement for me Little Inchies swipes.

Then foolishly went into the Co-op store to get a couple more of the Spare Rib Pot Noodles that I seem to have become addicted to, while they are still on offer. Also got an expensive pack of roasting veg (Carrots, red onions, sweet potatoes and parsnips) to have tonight with me Frikadellens. Then spotted some potato waffle letter shaped packs on clearance price – £1 down to 50p! So I got one. Had the idea that if there were the letters T F & Z, I could put em on top of me nosh and post a photo to the TFZ site for a laugh?

Getting well dark as I walked back to the flat – dodgy underfoot again with the leaves waiting to catch me with a Whoopsiedangleplop – but I managed okay to get back to the flats without harm. Hehe!

Feeling really drained now, and a couple of dizzy spells frit me a bit.

Sun07Got me nosh in’t oven.

Put me bits away – some I even had a place made for them to live with all me sorting earlier (Proud sneer appears on lips!).

Cuppa and medications taken.

Sun05Got the nosh ready.

Managed to find a T F & Z to top off the nosh!

This nosh was me bestest ever since being in the flat!

Rated this one 9.6/10.

Roast veg, pickled eggs, red potato nugget (cooked crispy in’t oven) beetroot, tomatoes and Frikadellens! Gorgeous!

Washed me pots and sat down to see if owt was on the TV or should I read me book – cause I can do that easier now I’ve got me new brighter light-bulb in!

I fell asleep.

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