Inchcock Today Thu 19 Nov 15: Woke up a little puddled…

Thursday 19th November 2015


Did a lot better with staying awake tonight, no nodding of until 2100hrs, the blinking started and I reckon I must nodded of dozens of time for a few minutes and each time I woke it was for a few seconds only then drifted off to find when I woke around 0400hrs needing the WC, confusion reined in me brain – really odd… I felt a tad confused as to where I was and why I was here in a flat, yet I knew where everything was, the layout etc?

In the WC and it all became clear where and why and how I got here and a feeling of great joy that I had got here. Bit weird that sensation?

Kettle on, tried hot water it was back on again, made a cuppa and took me medications.

Laptop on and the stomach started to churn a bit again, not the ulcer or reflux this time, the innards. Still, made a change dinnit! Hehe!

Looking forward to having a good bath and soak later. Can’t do it yet, too early. The waterworks make a noise and might disturb me neighbours like.

Finished off yesterdays post, and checked emails.

Started this diary and graphics.

P1020476Went to make another cuppa and the view from the kitchen window was startling, so I tooketh a photograph of it.

The rain had stopped, the wind had dropped and all was looking good.

Started Facebooking for a while, well a long time actually.

BJ rang on the land-line, he’s coming for a cuppa at 1100 hrs.

Got a jolly-good soak in the bath, shaved, teggies done and nipped down to the lobby to meet BJ when he arrives at 1100 hrs. Took some nibbles with me and the crossword book.

One of the lifts had conked out – hey-ho.

Settled in a chair in the lobby where I could see if BJ arrived as he’s park in the disabled places across the road from the door.

Handed some nibbles to the lady tenant who was doing her laundry.

1100 hrs came and went, not surprised in the least, BJ has never been on time since I’ve known him. Such a decent chap though.

1140 hrs he arrived.

Up to the lift, I the flat and we had a damned good natter for over an hour, had a strong cup of tea, and reminisced .

IMG_0002He then helped me get the mat laid properly. I gave him his birthday present. He agreed to pick me up next Tuesday to go to the launderette and departed.

A few minutes later he rang, he was outside the door. Opened it and he had bad news – the other lift had gone kaput now!

Poor chap had to walk down 12 floors to get to his car.

Glad I had no plans to go out today… well I had, but it wasn’t important. Wonder when they will get the lifts sorted?

Made myself another cuppa and got the laptop on to update this amazing diary (Hehe).

Main6 Main7Started the graphics for me latest post.

Main9Main8Took me hours and hours, to get them something like right, but I enjoyed doing them like.

“Inchcock Shows Signs of Contentment”

Then did the text, that just flowed easily and naturally – it’s rubbish and bad English but I think it’s fun.

Got me nosh in the oven and in the pan and called me sister Jane to see how she was. Good chin-wag and it transpires I am allowed to visit her tomorrow before 1300hrs as long as I call first to make sure they will be in.

IMG_0005Beefy oven chips, chilli with black bean sauce and the last two cheesy cobs, followed by orange jelly and spray-cream.

Rated this one 9/10.

Did the washing up and sat down to read me book…. Zzzz…

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