Inchcock Today Sat 21 Nov 15: Snow, rain, wind, sneezing, coughing and feeling sorry fer missen! Tsk!

Saturday 21st November 2015


Woke around 0300hrs and made notes of dreams I’d had. Stomach still churning away and when I rose around 0400hrs having failed to get back to sleep, I realised I could not hear the winds, that’s nice I thought… the stomach rumbled.

Yesterday I recalled so much of me dreams, yet this morning, nothing. Other than a feeling I’d had many and they were not nice?

P1020489To the WC and lost a few minutes of the day on the throne, went into the kitchen to get me medications and put the kettle on still feeling tired and was greeted as I looked out of the window with Mist, rain and a light covering of snow?

Took a couple of photo’s, one by P1020490opening the widow and straight own outside to the car park.

Got me cuppa, took me medications and consulted me scribbled notes about the dream.

Some of the long list of notes I’d already forgotten about and made no sense to me. But so much detail for once. Funny that, one day you don’t remember owt but a sensation of yer dreams then rarely this happens? Perhaps it was because I’d had the dream late in the morning that I could recall so much?

Dream Memories: I was in a pub with gates all around that I recognised, even Dick Hack, the landlord of the Gladstone in Carrington was there, but we were all in a different pub I didn’t recognise really, or can’t now? Everything in mono, only colour was the dark blue sky and canal throughout.

I was running a tote or raffle and couldn’t help paying every one out for some reason… Angling club paraphernalia on the table… Altercations… Walking home with a brief case, dark, found myself on a coastal town wanting to get back to the pub… Had to break into a boat yard I think… Can’t recall what happened inside, but knew I had to escape to get back to the pub… The gates had been locked. Had to climb buildings on ledges and over rooftops, through passages repeatedly to get to the road I needed, every time the obstacles that stopped me were different, one time I got to the end of a wall and a canal or river blocked me getting through, tried the other end of the yard, up over the building and down the wall onto the road… I was free! Walked along the cost road and realised I’d left me raffle tickets in the boat yard? Back and limbed back into the yard and the layout was different took ages to find the raffle tickets, more obstacles to climb to get out… this happened several times… Eventually I recognised some buildings from my young days but kept taking the wrong route… Finally close to where I wanted to get to, I had to return one more time to the boat yard for some reason… talked with the security guards… climbed on the roof, came to a gable end with the canal below and slipped holding onto a leather strap that was tied for some reason to a rusting drain-pipe, hung on as it crumbled and realised this was it, nothing I could do – as the pipe broke and I began to fall – I woke up – so relieved it was a dream!

Shivering a bit this morning as well, no dizzies yet, so that’s good.

The mist began to clear outside, the mixture of rain and snow continued to fall.

Got the laptop on and made another cuppa, noticed the wind was getting up again. Tsk!

Caught sight of me mush in the mirror – it seems me face has blown up a bit, me cheeks were touching the bottom of me glass frames? Not a pretty sight! Hehe!

Made a start on this diary. I’m still amazed at how much I remembered of me dream.

With this weather I was pleased I’d got a nosh order being delivered today from Morrisons.

Shivering every now and then, the thermometer read only 55 in the kitchen. I tried to increase the output on the radiators. Rumbling innards continued. Although I was cold, got me jammies jumper and dressing gown on, I felt damp, sweaty? Most uncomfortable sensation.

Pressed on and checked me emails then did some Facebooking.

Blimey the bloomin’ winds gerrin’ up now, howling!

Finally done me Adsa order for next week and got the bath running.

Got me things ready and went down to wait for the bus, chin-wagged with other tenants a bit and caught the bus into town.

P1020492Got on the wrong one – dropped off in Sherwood and caught a ‘normal’ bus into town’.

Hence the young heads in the picture.

All I was needing really from town was a hat that tied around the chin to keep out the cold draughts in the flat, fresh cream French horns and call at the Bus Shop to get a new L9 route timer and planner to replace the one that the wind whisked out of me hands at the flats bus-stop and sent up in the sky in the DSCF0084direction of Birmingham.

I might ask Duncan Robertson to keep an eye out for it landing. Would you keep an eye out for it please Dunc?

It’s alright mate – I got one on the bus later. Hehe!

P1020493Once I was on lower ground the winds dropped a lot thankfully and although nippy in town the sun still tried to come out and the snow and rain dissipated altogether.

Feeling a bit better as I dropped off the bus and had a walk to the store, Primark again.

IMG_0007I walked down Clinton Street to the store.

Ended up getting a suitably warm draught excluding hat. Pictured here from later, me now sneezing with a bleeding, running and sore nose.

Wrapped up in me dressing gown and still shivering!

It looked like me brains were escaping from me right ear-hole. Hehe!

I also got another similar hat, gloves and a jumper.

P1020495Came out and wandered through the Christmas stalls and into the book store down the way a bit.

My warped mind told me I might get stuck in the flat when the bad weather comes, and that the internet connection, not good at the best of times might go down in the bad IMG_0010weather as I had been warned by other tenants who’d lived in the flats for years – so I allowed myself to buy two more books!

Over the other side of the slab-square and into the NCT bus outlet to get the L9 pamphlet/timetable.

But they didn’t have any.

Forgot about getting me cream cake, although I’d like to think will-power had triumphed?

P1020497Got on the L9 and some timetables were near the driver and I grabbed one. As the bus passed near Bentinck Court, I took photographs though the bus window as we passed by them.

These flats are built to the same design as Woodthorpe and Winchester ones where I reside.

P1020496They have just been modernised and updated. They are the same as us, for the elderly shoplifters Nottinghomians to reside in.

I love the new closed in balconies. That should help keep out the draughts when we get ours done… whenever that may be. Dean, the coordinator for both sets of flats reckons it might be in a year or so, and Julie her Obergruppenfurher assistant reckons it will be more like two years and rather downheartedly the press say three years?

On the bus I got a call, it was from the food delivery driver who was at the flats waiting to get in…? I was sure I’d got the timing right, but no… oh dear me. I apologised and told him I’m on the bus and would be there in about 15 minutes, which as it happened turned out right. He was parked up as I got off of the bus, and we went up the lift together.

Decent sort of chap, understanding. Off he went.

P1020499I WC’d, put the fodder away and feeling a bit perkier I made some nosh.

Sweet potatoes in batter, garden peas, beetroot, steak pie and  sausage roll with caramelised onions. I really enjoyed this, and felt me taste-buds coming back into action.

After eating it, it was er… like someone turning on a light switch, it was that quick, the nose started bleeding, dizzies and the eyelids drooping and wiped me nose, only a tiny bit of blood, for some reason I took a selfie off me in me new warm hat, (photo higher up here) then I drifted off into slumber as if I hadn’t slept for months?

8 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Sat 21 Nov 15: Snow, rain, wind, sneezing, coughing and feeling sorry fer missen! Tsk!

  1. The song “Baby Blue” by Badfinger popped into my head today, so I looked it up on Youtube, and while I was listening to the song, I noticed a video about Badfinger’s sad history and watched that video — terrible fate that group had. Then there were videos about Paul McCartney’s death in a car accident in 1966, and how they replaced him with Billy Shear and put references to Paul’s death in their songs and on album covers and all. It was all fascinating but a bit of a downer. Do you remember any of that?

    • Just took a listen to the song on YouTube Tim. Read about the tragic events. Shamed to say I don’t recall any of the sad events, but felt for them. This period of the early 70’s I was so sozzled I’m not surprised I can’t recall them though. 40 years or so without any plonk now, and still having to resist the temptation. Bits of memories still remain, yet before thie period and after is often gin clear… could have used a better expression than that. Hehe! TTFN

  2. We don’t have the snow, and the sun made another appearance today, but the temperature here this morning was down in sub-arctic territory as far as my cold nature is concerned luv. 23 F. and the wind yesterday took a lot more leaves off the trees, You can keep your snow over there luv, I don’t want it. Post photos, but no snow over here in my part of the world.
    Nose bleeds seem to be common this year, for me as well. Never had that problem before, but this year each time I blow it’s like a blood vessel breaks and I lose a couple of pints. A few more of those and I’ll need a transfusion, lol.
    Love that cap. You also should keep the tissue stuck to your nose all the time, because it give you that lovely “Father Christmas” look. The robe helps with the look also, as does the head topper. Just need a leeeetle bit more hair draping out from the cap to complete the look and every kid in the area would be clamoring to sit on your lap to whisper their secrets in your ear.
    Take care of you luv. BTW, that plate of food really looks delicious. I give it a 9.95/10.

    • I’ll not send any snow over there Angie, promise love.
      The tenants here tell me that the buses don’t arrive in bad weather, cause it can’t get up or down the Winchester Street hill. That’s encouraging. Hehe! And one of the lifts packed up again the other day, we had both out later, but I wasn’t going anywhere gal, not up to it and had fodder in stock.
      Nose bleeds? What did the Doc nurse say about them Angie?
      The hat is lovely and warm, but if it gets wet it’ll be no good, too much exposed imitation fur. Still, I’m not complaining. I’ll practice me Ho ho hoes later. Hehe!
      Keep warm, thinking of you gal. X

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