Inchcock Today Wed 8th June 2016: Mega Whoopsiedangleplop!

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Wednesday 8th June 2016

COM Gladys

Part of last night’s dream?

To Do: INR Tests – Clinic – Leave the Electricians on their own to find any area they have not already soiled, dirtied or dropped wire ends on or cracked any plastics – Horrible Sore Throat – Anne Gyna sad… Tsk!

0425 hrs: Horrible Sore Throat throat. The £300 second-hand recliner allowed me to get out of it this morning, a bit of jerking from the mechanicals as it raised, and lowered but still.

The First thing was to tackle was the assembling of all the ablution paraphernalia together and take it to the kitchen for the stand-up bath at the sink. This morning, I managed it without knocking my elbows or hitting my head on the drainer. Pleased with this, I returned the stuff to the rubbish room and returned to empty the bowl – half over the floor as it turned out. Humph! Cleaned it and to the throne… oh dear: Anne Gyna kicked off, Haem Aroids bled extensively, and I noticed the wood panels around the shower area were all bare wood? Maybe after Thursday and Friday when the tiler-men have hopefully done, they will waterproof it… perhaps?

Cup of tea and took the medications, gargled with TCP (That’ll get some odd responses when I get the bus back from the clinic later, Hehe!) It was actually painful swallowing the tablets. Anne Gyna still bad, and the legs back and ankle pains I put down to the electricians mess needing cleaning up last night.

Up and down to collect the broken bits of plastic, cut off electrical wiring, chunks of plaster etcetera left me with aches and pains. Poor old mite!

Got the things ready to take with me, INR anticoagulation record card, letter from the surgery about booking the CHD checks, Clinic registration card and nibbles for the nurses.

P1110053Then I stood at the kitchen window and daydreamed, while drinking another cup of tea. I suppose that it is my sore throat, that is making me take more liquid? Not a good idea, with me having to walk for forty minutes to the surgery, then catch a bus to the clinic, then a bus into town, an hour walking about to try and get some pill-pots that Mary of TFZ fame advised. Some fodder too. Then a bus back to Sherwood and a long walk up to the flats. I waffled on a bit there didn’t I? Sorry.

The greens in the view never seems to fail to please me, and I felt a little cheered as I walked into the front room to get the laptop going. I trod on a screw that I must have missed last night on my clear and clean up session following the attack from the electricians. Ooh, I did jump… well nearly!

A sense if trepidation loomed, at the thought of the electricians letting themselves in and having their usual onslaught on anything not yet damaged or broken as they scatter bits and pieces all over the place. And, I’ll be out best part of the day concerned at the medical procedures I’ve to get through and fretting about what I’ll find when I eventually get back to my once tidy clean apartment?

As I started this post off I remembered I’d not done the BP tests, so did them straight away. Sys 143 Dia 61 Pul 82 Temp 34°f and Kitchen 70°f. No hiatuses there methinks.

Time was getting on now, about an hour before I should set off on my hobble to the surgery.

A bit apprehensive about what state I’ll find the place in when I get back in four or so hours.

Got the stuff ready in my bag and pockets, bus-pass. mobile phone, appointment cards, etc. ready for the day out medicationalisationing. (Although, it didn’t turn out that way, as you’ll read further down – Whoopsiedangleplop time ahead again!

Hurridly got yesterday’s diary finished and posted, then off.

On my way out, I dropped the bin bags down the chute, and called in the Community Hut and gave Deana some nibbles and had a natter, Julie who has been off poorly arrived, not looking too good, bless her.

Pressed on down onto Sherwood and up the hill towards Carrington. I was soon at the surgery, feet stinging, but Anne Gyna had eased off. I was told that the appointment was for tomorrow, not today.

I did feel a fool!

P1110054Made an appointment for the CHD checks and asked for a sample pot which she gave me. Friday 8th July 0830 hrs. Of course, not point in going to the clinic was there now. Humph!

So, I hobbled into town. I’d only gone about two hundred yards when I came across the first Nottingham Pavement Cyclist of the day.

P1110056Ten minutes later, near the Gregory Boulevard traffic island on Mansfield Road, the second Pavement Cyclist appeared.

And very nifty too she was! Belted by me and weaved between some other summer-frocked and most beautiful Pedestrians before disappearing at high speed around the corner and out of view. Only just caught her in time.

P1110057Halfway up the hill near the Rock cemetery another naughty Nottingham Pavement Cyclist was tearing down the hill towards me.

He lost his balance a bit and nearly went over.

Shame that, the nearly bit like!

Down to the bottom of Mansfield P1110058Road and I took a photo of yet another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist on the opposite side of the road.

I’m not sure what I did wrong, but it came out in Mono? Nice print, though.

Throughout the rest of the trip out there were so many of the offending cyclist I gave up trying to photograph them. Humph! Down into the city and caught a ‘Free shoppers bus’ to the Broad Marsh Shopping Centre (Mall). Had a wander around on the ground floor window shopping, then went up to the 99p shop to see if they had any Shower stuff or mini pots to use for the medications.

The 99p Shop has now being operated by Poundland. They did have some Radox shower gel, but only the one bottle left, so I took it, well, bought it I mean. Got some various liqueurs, as raffle prizes for the Tenants Social Hour Meeting, not that I’ll be able to attend this week cause of the appointment cock-ups again. Huh! They also had some of the Neutradol Deofab sprays, so I got three of them, bearing in mind how I’ve been struggling to clean myself recently. Hehe! 

05Out of the mall, and made my way back to the City Centre along Bridlesmith Gate.

A Big Issue seller was putting on a brave face and smile as she gently quoted “Big Issue” to those walking to the other side of the road to avoid her.

I slipped her a £2 coin, and a big smile and her face lit up.

Then I realised that if I were to catch the L9 bus on Queen Street, I’d have to get a move on… three paces later, Whoopsiedangleplop! A dizzy spell and I toppled over. Huh! Some good citizens came over and helped me up asking if I was alright. I clasp my hand to the pocket with the money in it, and thanked them assuring them all was okay.

I should have missed the L9, but when I got to the stop, the 39 bus that should have gone out minutes earlier was still there and prevented the L9 from pulling in. So a bit of luck there, and I caught the bus. At the next stop, Victoria Mall, a chap I’d seen before from the flats, he got on and had to sit next to me. We had an awkward conversation, as I could barely decipher what he was saying and got the feeling he couldn’t hear me either. Hehe! But it’s great to talk!

Dropped off at the flats and had another little chinwag with one of the tenant girls and Frank. I like it here!

P1020072Got back to the flat to find the key had been posted by the electricians as they left. Not much mess at all thankfully this time.

This cheered me up, and I called sister Jane to see if I could go see her and take her pressies tomorrow after the INR tests. I was informed that I could, not before 1300hr. Told her about my Whoopsiedangleplop and she told me I was stupid! Can’t fault the gal, she’s right!

She’s good at FIGures as well. Hehehe! Good job she has a good sense of humour innit.

Made a cuppa and took the medications and got the laptop on to update this.

I renewed the mail redirection via the internet as it said, in the letter that this is the easiest way to do it. Within an hour and a  half, I’d got it done!

Did some graphicalisationing for later. Spent hours on Facebook’s Troll free Zone. Well, I enjoy it.

Got the nosh in the oven, I’m having some of those chips that Martin Shuttlecock advised me to try. Rooster I think there are called. A couple of large hot dog sausages, beetroot and tomatoes.


The chips were tasty, the sausages alright, the beetroot and tomatoes absolutely lovely, the Cox’s apple tangy… the dessert I put to one side and forgot about, it had curdled by the time I remembered it. Hehe!

Had just two slices of bread with it. (And they said I couldn’t keep to my self-imposed dieting – Humph!)

Did the washing up, hated looking at the mess the kitchen was in with all the kerfuffle about the bathroom had caused.N.

No injuries at all from my toppling over earlier?

Had a look at the TV paper and picked out the ‘In or Out’ debate to watch later, then planned to watch some ‘Pie in the Sky’ episodes. I managed the debate, but soon kept nodding off, so gave up and sat contemplating on things for a while, but didn’t like the mental images I was having. Hehe! I think I soon nodded off, for a while.

TTFN folks.

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