Inchcock Today Thur 9 June 2016: A frustrating, hard, long day & now no access to the WC! Huh!


A Nottingham tenant in a toiletless apartment in an Old Peoples Flats Complex is protesting at the local Ice Cream Van, the noisy jingles, the van obstructing the free bus-pass services access, blocking his wheelchair and above all the children as they noisily queue for their ices. The man Juan Inchcock, told the Marissa Bergen, the Drummers Weekly reporter: “I don’t mind about all this really, it just annoys me that the chap has sold out of all his 99’s to the ankle snapper before I can get out of the flat, a lift down 13 floors, get the lobby doors to open and hobble to the van to knock them out of the way with me walking stick! It’s just not fair!


Thursday 9th June 2016

Stirred around 0525hrs, the second hand £300 recliner chair operated without any hiatus and let me out of it to pass water and use the throne. Much blood from the rear, a tiny bit from ‘Little Inchy’s lesion.

I’d dreamt something about my being in outer-space in a powered shopping trolley, wearing a leather hat and trying to catch butterflies with two saucepan lids with Acker Bilks ‘In a Persian Market’ playing in the background? I can remember all these facts, but nowt else about it. Tsk!

Took the medications with a cuppa and pot of porridge, then tackled the job of getting all the stand-up bath materials and paraphernalia and got myself cleaned up, the best I could. Made substantial use of the underarm spray and after-shave. Although, once again I managed to spill the bowl of soapy water I’d soaked me feet in while stood at the sink washing.

P1110026I didn’t know if the flooring workers were coming and if so at what time? But knew I had to go out to the INR blood test, clinic and to take sister Jane her pressies. (Having done that now, I can show you picture of them).

Two cushions with photographs I’d took of Mr Fooey on the left, and Tabitha, who passed away a good while ago, as she jumped up on the counter and looks for all intents and purposes as if she was checking out my pension paperwork for me. My two favourites of her cats, but I like them all mind.

I went on Facebook, checked the emails and did some graphic work for ages and ages. I thought the workmen might come the same time as all the others did, o800 to 0830 hrs, but none had shown by 0930 hrs, and I did not know if they would be coming or not. So I got the nibbles and meandered to the Tenants Social Hour at the hut. To my pleasant surprise, I saw BJ arriving and going in as I approached the shed. Julie was in the office and I explained about my concerns about leaving before the maintenance men arrived. Being as I did not know where the men were coming from, she said there is nothing she can do.

So I went back in the meeting and had a chinwag with BJ, Toni, Bill and Eddy for a while.

BJ said he’d lift me to the doctors and suggested I go back to the flat and see if they have arrived yet. So I did, then returned. BJ said to put a note on the door – ‘ Floor men – for access please ring…’ and add Julie and Deana’s phone numbers. I should have thought of that myself really. William kindly got and wrote down the numbers for me. Back to the flat and put the note on the door. BJ lifted me with my two bags to the surgery, dead on time. Thank you BJ.

P1110063The nurse soon saw to me but refused to let me take her photo today because she didn’t like the last one I took.

I took her likeness as she turned away. She had to laugh.

I thanked her, gave her some nibbles and departed out to the bus stop on Mansfield Road.

One arrived and in fifteen minutes I was dropping off in town and walked through Victoria Centre (Mall) and up the new escalator to the first floor.

IT came out between two fast food eat-ins. This car was part of one of them.

05As I walk the length of the centre, I noticed this chap on the ground floor giving a piano some hammer and singing! There was writing on the side of the handsome white pianissimo, inviting anyone to give other shoppers a song? Thought it was a great idea!

Hobbled along and out into the walk-over. Where three young girls were smoking something very odd smelling with guilty looks on their faces, one of them was wafting her hand around as I approached. I noticed through the window, a youth who it appears, had just got down for a kip on the pavement outside the Boots store?

07I took two photographs, one wide and a close-up of the youth and made this up.

Lovely weather today. I went over and down then around and to the West Bridgford bus stop, where a number 7 was just loading up.

Alighted on Central Avenue in West Bridgford and being a tad early for Jane’s, I called in the Iceland store. Got a bag of eight little wholemeal cobs, some chicken thighs and desert treats for Jane and Pete.

Hobbled to the Mansion where Janet and Pete live, it only took about 12 minutes to get there.

They seemed in good spirits. I nipped into their front room and placed the cushions on their settee for them to see later. I should have taken a photo shouldn’t I?

First attention was given to Mr Fooey of course. I gave him some and Arthur some nibbles, and they both loved them.

08I got myself down (nearly) to Fooey as he was relishing his little treat.

My getting back up, was some amusement for Sue and Pete at least. Hehe!

09I had a go at sorting the picture out on Pete’s laptop, and we worked out how to get his homemade videos onto his display programme. I love it when I can help, be of use like.

Then I invited them to go into their front room to see their pressies… Thank heavens they loved them.

We had a visit from the PCO, they are having bother with a horrible neighbour.

I gave them half the cobs and the trifles and departed, unsure if I would be in time to catch the last L9 bus from town, I decided not to rush, and I could grab a number 40 and walk missing having to climb the big hill at least.

P1110076  P1110077At the stop, a female Pavement Cyclist all but hit me she belted by, naughty girl! Then as the bus was arriving, a bloke Pavement Cyclist was on the other sideway! Tsk!

It turned out when I got in town, once again like the other day, for some reason the 39 bus did not leave on time, and again I made it in time due to his leaving late and got the bus back to the flats. Hell of a job staying awake, I think I must have nodded off around four or five times en route, but was awake when we arrived at the flats.

Eagerly and apprehensively I made it to the apartment to see if anyone had been to tend to the shower floor… The door was unlocked, no one about, but I knew someone had been in due to the dust and bits on the hallway carpet. Gingerly I opened the WC doorP1110079… Dang dang dang…

The shower room floor had been laid! I dare not go in because they had warned me ages ago that it will need two/three days to settle before the shower could be used and it was safe to do so. And, I don’t know if it is finished or not yet, there might be a waterproofing layer to go?

I popped down to the Community Hut, and luckily Deana was in.

She had told the workmen to ring her when they had finished, and she could come and secure the flat. They didn’t, so she didn’t. So, we don’t know if they have to come back tomorrow or not? The farce continues!

Deana asked me to send her a copy of the photograph of her I took when she helped me out again with sorting the ‘double’ electricity bills I’d had yesterday, that I’d doctored.

10Back to the flat none the wiser as to if I had to stay in or not again! Humph!

I sent the doctored graphic via email to Deana.

When it came to me updating this Inchcock Today – I found I’d lost all the content! Gnash! No idea how I managed that. So I started from scratch again. Took me flaming hours!

P1110081Decided to treat me, this time, Chicken thigh, chips, garden peas, onions, peppers and beetroot… oh and two little wholemeal cobs.

Very late for me by the time I’d got the updating done it was hours passed my bedtime.

How I was going to manage without using the throne, I didn’t know. But no one knew really, if I could go into, or when I could stop on the shower room floor to get to the loo?

Friday, as long as I don’t go out, I can use the Community Shed toilet. Between 0830 and 1600 hrs at least. But the shed is not open at the weekend as there will be no staff on the complex? What then?

I’ll have to see and bother Deana again in the morning to see if she can find out if I can go into the shower room, without using the shower of course?

Fed-up, tired, feeling a nonentity, learning new sufferings as I am forced to try new ways of holding back the urge to use the porcelain, feel a nuisance to all and sundry and a sense that I’m suffering occulcation.

I’ll see what tomorrow brings – respite and conclusion, and being able to use the throne would help! Hehe!

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