Inchcock Today – Sunday 12th June 2016: No dizzies today – hurrah!


Sunday 12th June 2016

Stirred a bit around 0445hrs, tummy rumbling still, tried to recall the dreams, so aggravating when I couldn’t! Dropped off again. 0620hrs, the £300 second-hand recliner chair shuddered and whined as it lowered to let me out. Into the shower room, well, I opened the door to take a look see if it was looking usable or not. Wasn’t sure about the shower, so, day 12 without one or a bath, but thought it would be safe to use the WC and sink now, as it looked alright after using the bowl yesterday. The stomachs recurrent grumbling indicated that I would soon need to.

A bloodless wee-wee and got the Kettle on for the medication consuming, and did the BP tests. Sys 145, Dia 72, Pulse 72, Body temp 29.8 (Rather low?), Room temp 62f.

Got the laptop on, and had to visit the porcelain throne. Haem Aroids bled lavishly yet again. Must mention this on my nest visit to the surgery.

I got the Saturday diary finished, adding the photo’s I’d took while out and about. Somehow lost the lot and had to start again? Lost three hours minimum. Humph! That’s twice I’ve done that recently.

07Last night’s forecast on the goggle-box.

Decided to catch up on Facebooking before going for a walk in the park, before the storms arrive.

Proceeded to carry out my stand-up ablutions and readied myself for a walk to take the jars to the recycling box and up into Woodthorpe Grange Park.

07Took the bags to the rubbish chute, and went down to the laundry room and set the washing machine going.

The weather encouraged me to change my mind about taking a walk in the park.

I did nip out to the bottle bank in a break in the rain, returned and read my Holocaust book in the lobby.

The washing was done in half an hour, and I changed the togs into the dryer. Not many folks about today at all.

10Back up to the flat, made a cuppa, got the laptop on, checked the vegetables in the Crock-Pot, looking good, I added the stewed steak to it.

Put the oven on to warm up to put the chips into later.

Started this off.

It was all smelling good now. Should last for two meals I hope.

I couldn’t find me reading glasses mind, despite having had them on this morning? And, where did I put the TV paper I bought yesterday? Life, can be a puzzle at times? Like, why is Cameron now threatening the pensioners with the loss of their bus passes in his desperation to cling to his back-handing position in Europe?  I think I just answered that? Hehe!

Hours and hours more on the laptop.

10The fodder went down well today.

Bad night, again sleep seemed reluctant to come to me.

I was still watching TV well gone midnight… not me at all usually.

Felt limp, listless and started fretting over all sorts of things again.

In the morning, I’m going to walk over the new floor and check-out the shower workings.Maybe 

Maybe, Monday the 13th might be my first use of the shower? If the water stays hot enough, cause I’ve a feeling I might be in there a long long time! Not sure about if to use the shower gel or not? Othe tenants have told me they used it and their drain got blocked?

The stomach continues rumbling, but no as bad I don’t think, we’ll see in the morning eh?


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