Inchcock Today – Sat 11 June 2016: Poor day


So let’s not assume, let’s try to understand others, please

Saturday 11th June 2016

Woke around 0400hrs, and as I started to mentally work out what was happening, and make sense of the dreams I’d had, I nodded off again.

Stirred again around 0510hrs, feeling a different person. Aching all over, heavy eyes, Anne Gyna giving me some grief, struggling with breathing a bit, although Arthur Itis was being gentle with me, the stomach was churning and the right arm/wrist painful. I wasn’t feeling too good at all overall. I wondered if I’d dreamt it, the waking up earlier?

The rumbling soon changed into a bodily demand for the Throne to be utilised. I risked using the throne, due to the severity of the needs, and the warm wet sensation that informed of the rear end was bleeding badly. But dare not yet use the sink or shower for fear of the flooring not yet being settled and ready to accept any water. But of course, I didn’t know, because no one has explained anything to me about when I could use it?

08Taking a photograph while leaning out of the kitchen window, I had an involuntary passing of wind, and a dizzy spell. An Odd sensation that, hehe!

This reminded me to take me medications with a cuppa and do the BP tests. The stomach continues to grind away, I suppose ‘delicate’ would be the optimum word to describe how I felt.

Readings looked fine to me; Sys 143, Dia 74, Pulse 88 Temp 67.

Got the laptop on and started this page off, did the graphics for it, then remembered I’d not took me medications yet, made another cuppa and did so.

Facebooked for a few hours and decided to check the few Saturday buses available on the timetable. One every two hours, a total of three buses, so got me stand up wash and set off for the bus stop to go to Arnold and Asda to get the photographs printed.

Chinwag at the bus stop. In Arnold, I went in Wilko, got Dettol, shower gel and antiperspirant.

P1110085Boyles Store next, the bags was filling up now.

The Market Place looked a bit sad.

Then to Asda, ordered the photos and paid for them, got the receipt and spent more in the store, casserole veg, turnip, apples, bananas and beetroot. Collected the photographs and made P1110086my way to the bus stop.

Sat reading my book on the bench just beyond the stop.

Twenty minutes later as the bus arrived, I stood up and realised the set had been damp, I squelched onto the bus.


Back at the flats had a gossip with some residents. Frank told me not to use the shower gel, and it blocked the drain in his place. Now they tell me!

P1110087Got the nosh ready.

Battered whole onion rings, beetroot, tomatoes, sausages, bugles, red onions and pepper in oil.

Followed by an apple. The ham cob I only ate a few bites of. (Guilt yer know!)

Sister Jane rang to remind me of the England match on tonight and told me Nottingham City Centre had been blocked off due to crowd trouble between Fascists and Muslim supporters.

08 10

Oh dear!

I put the TV on to see comments on the upcoming game and…

P1110088 P1110089 P1110090 P1110092

More violence!

The match itself, England should have won, shame.

10 More violence in the ground this time when the game ended.

The well organised Russians attacked the English fans.

Terrible! I felt infelicitous towards mankind.

The rumbling innards didn’t seem to matter so much now.

The frenzied violence had put me on a low.

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