Inchcock Today Fri 10th June 2016:


Friday 10th June 2016

0522hrs: Slowly, I moved into consciousness, eyelids heavy from the long enforced sleep, I think I must have had six hours last night, dream disturbed, but still welcome. Rooftop chasing images again, falling and never landing, repetitive.

The TV still on, the remote still on my chest, spectacles on my head and a suspicious but unrecalled empty cheese nibble bag at the side of the chair!

The £300 second-hand recliner grinded-away, but worked and let me out of it. Wasn’t sure if I could walk on the shower room floor yet, but needed the throne… oh dear! I’ll have to try me best to contain it until I can get to the Tenants Social Hut and use that one later.

With any luck, if Deana can find out that I can use the shower room but not the shower yet I might be able to do my ablutions in there instead of the kitchen sink? Also, use the throne. I didn’t wash or shave deciding to keep my fingers crossed that I might be able to later. And find out if the floor-men will be returning to waterproof anything today? If not, I can get out and get fodder and the photographs printed at Asda?

Cup of tea and took the medications. Laptop turned on, finished the Thursday post, long one, but my frustrations needed airing. (Haha!)

Did the graphics for that and today’s diary.

Started the Shower Room Farce post.

0830hrs: Nipped to see if could catch Deana and see if she could find out if the floor men were returning today. If I could walk on the ground yet, and when could I use the shower?

Couldn’t find her, she’ll be off on her rounds visiting we old folk and making us feel better. Bless her cotton socks, I’ll try again later. Sent email.

Did some graphic work and then made an order for stuff from Iceland to be delivered on Monday 13th twixt 1200 > 1400 hrs.

Made a cuppa and took the midday medications, and got on with a post about the Bathroom to Shower wet room conversion. It took me about six hours to get it completed… Phew!


20 1 05 end of day

03 start 304 4

Some of the photographicalisations in the post here.

Sad to lose the bath mind, but getting into and out of it was a bit too dangerous. I can’t quote about the new shower because no one has told me how long I have to wait for the new floor in the wet room to settle before using it. Think I’ll err on the safe side and give it until next Monday or Tuesday.

P1110082Got the nosh ready.

It went down well, shame I didn’t do a few more of the chips, though. They were the Roosters brand, as recommended by cyber-mate Martin Shuttlecock, thanks, Martin.

Managed to watch a couple of episodes of Pie-in-the-sky DVD, but gave up when the eyelids were starting winning the battle. Hehe!

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