Inchcock Today Mon 9 Nov 15: Hassle… much Hassle.Tsk!

Monday 9th November 2015


Not a good day! Humph!

Woke with a jolt – for some reason I thought it was later than it was and painfully got up quick as I could to the WC – haemorrhoids not bleeding although Little Inchy had been, but not so much as of late.


Wet rain this morning again!

Thought about tasks today while on the throne: Call make appointment with the GP, ring BJ ask if he can lift me to the launderette Tuesday, No INR Warfarin level tests today, Steve Age-UK and man from solicitors calling today… hopefully anyway, Steve is going to finish drilling the book-case he assembled to the wall so I can start using it and sorting, mind you, he was coming last Thursday, then Friday…? Notes with questions for Steve on book-case for advice on things listed…

Laptop on, cuppa brewed and medications taken.

I finalised yesterdays waffle and checked emails and did some Facebooking.

Started sorting some paperwork – very slow progress as I wanted to make sure this time I didn’t shred anything that might be needed – or keep anything unnecessary to keep if yer see worra mean?

Steve Age UK arrived. I made us a cuppa and Steve started to look at the paperwork sent from the solicitors that he looked at the other week and told me nothing needed doing, just file them away – then I got a letter from the solicitors saying I had not returned the forms and no progress could be made until I had done so – then I informed Steve and said he must have missed that page when he checked them he’ll come and check them on Thursday – then he phoned he’ll come on Friday – Then Friday he called to say he’d be here Monday (Today) – and here he was, he started to check the papers from the solicitor again… this time he did find the 12 sheets of A4 that needed filling in!


Steve filling in the Solicitors mammoth amount of forms for me

We started to fill in the marathon forms and ticking and filling in details required. Luckily my starting to arrange me paperwork into the files helped here as I had to send some stuff off to the solicitors and it was relatively easy to find the specific items. It took a long time to sort, but it would have been a lot longer without me new filing boxes. 

As we were doing this the Nottingham City Homes Obergruppenfurher Deana arrived to ask for the £7.50 if I wanted to go on the new Communal TV licence list for the flats. £7.50 being so much more an attractive proposition than the £145 a year I’m paying by direct debit at the moment, I paid the money, gave her some sweeties and thanked her. Now I must remember before next February (Assuming I’m still kicking then of course) to cancel me direct Debit with the TV licencing people at the bank.

Off she flew (Busy gal) and Steve and I got on with the paperwork for the solicitors.

Steve told me I needed three ‘proofs’ taking to the solicitors today. A valid UK driving licence I no longer have one – a utility bill not more than three months old, got one in the box file, Passport – don’t have one – Paid Bill not older than 3 months, Paid Utility bill, got plenty of them so picked them from me paperwork box file ready to take with me.

I also have to make clear photo copies and send/take them to the solicitors along with the mammoth forms we had just finished filling in, oh and the Deeds too.

I assembled all the stuff needed, ‘3 Proofs’ and the 12 filled in A4 return forms.

Steve then got on with tackling the book-case… oh dear…


A very much so worrying amount of bits, screws, pads, rings etc left behind after Steve had finished doing me book-case?

Much grunting and drilling, he said he could not guarantee the safety as he was having trouble getting his drill to go into the wall. Much time passed with Steve struggling and he declared that was as good as he could get it. Told me to get something to put under front of the two front sides as support? Worried about this, a bit nervous about using it now. Tsk!

I was a little concerned at the amount of bits and pieces left over after Steve gave up the job. Mustn’t let Steve help me with any-more with things like this, I’ve got more worries now than before it was built, and it took a fortnight to do… and it isn’t finished or safe really. Still he was kind enough to offer bless him.

Well, it’s now taken 3 weeks to get this far and still I can’t use the bookcase! Too nervous to use it with the weight of me books – might move me DVD that are lighter into it with some photographs or model vehicles? A bit disappointed with this now, it leaves me with even more sorting to do. Tsk!

I then got all the required paperwork for the solicitor – then had to take it to the Post Office along with a form from the solicitor to get them stamped?

Then take it to the solicitor’s office on Friar Lane in Nottingham City Centre, mucho unwanted hassle!

Steve was well-worn out as he left hours later, I thanked him with worrying thoughts in the back of my mind about the safety of the book-case?.

I got the Solicitors stuff ready to take to the Post Office for validation and copying.

Out into the pouring rain – and it was pouring! Struggled to keep the paperwork dry by folding the bag and carrying it under my arm which meant I could not use me umbrella and got well soaked as I walked down into Sherwood and to the Post Office, but at least the paperwork was dry – Where I waited in the queue for twenty minutes to get served ad was informed they could not do the validation of the solicitors requirements at that branch, only three branches can do this, Hucknall PO, Basford PO or Nottingham PO. I thought hey-ho! They could however do the photocopying for me, and did so.

Out to the bus stop and into town.

Straight to the Post Office on King Street – I really wish I had taken me camera with me to record the masses of people in the queue! There seemed hundreds in it!

I took a ticket from the machine, my number was 178 – the sign on the wall that lights up when they call the next waiting Nottingham personage in the queue informed me that the next one waiting to be called was number 101.

So I had 77 people in front of me, no seats free they were all taken.

I found a corner of wall I could lean against and got me crossword book out. 

An hour or so later my number came up and I approached counter number two. Despite being so busy the lady was patient in dealing with my needs bless her. I paid the required £18.50 for the service and went to exit the place – and boy the rain belting down now! 

01topj0101aI found that the solicitors offices were at the far end of Friar Lane, so I had the fun of getting well soaked in getting there!

Not having me camera with me, I made this photograph from Google Street view and added the rain using Coreldraw later – not bad eh? Fair enough, it ain’t good then!

I handed the package with all the stuff in it to the nice lady at the front desk, thought I’d get the originals back and she would keep the photo copies, but she kept the lot?

Back out into the rain and down back into town.

Called in Tesco and got some fresh cream apple turnovers and bread thins.

Waited for the next L9 bus under the shelter.

Got on the bus and wished I’d got me camera with me – it was the most crammed bus I’d ever been on, and some what looked like Druids got on the bus… I’d like to have got a shot of these for you all. Huh!

Despite the noise on the bus of people shouting down their phones and others arguing energetically with each other about something called what sounded like ‘Enderers?’ I struggled to keep awake, then started coughing, that set off the reflux valve giving me some gip and that made me even more frustrated with the day and made breathing a hassle and pain for me. Tsk!

Got back into the flat and took me medications straight away, and a swig of cough medicine that was still in date.

Thankfully the reflux valve calmed down and gave me some relief with an hour or so.

P1020405Then I thought about me nosh, so knew I was feeling a bit better then. Decided to have Smoked kippers in vegetable and BBQ sauce, fish sticks, Chips, garden peas, beetroot and bread thins.

The cream turnovers afterwards were not very good though at all, most disappointingly tasteless.

After I’d eaten it all up (Not the turnovers though, eurgh!), I got the shakes and coughed away again. No dizzies though.

I thought the day had had its fair share of disappointments hassle and miserable moments – but felt glad that the house sale can start moving again now the solicitor has the required details in hand. Also I was feeling a bit better physically – mentally I’m not so sure? Hehe! 

Started to watch the ‘New Tricks’ Series one DVD – after falling asleep and rewinding several times I gave up and tried to read me book – lasted a few pages then off into the land of nod…

Kept waking up and worrying about things all the night – Should they have slept me original ID papers? – Will things get moving now? – Will the bookcase collapse? – Will little Inchy ever stop bleeding? – What jobs need doing tomorrow? – How will I find time to do me laundry?… Gawd I was fretting away… Hey-ho, poor soul!

Got up at 0400hrs, coughing merrily as I cleaned and dressed ‘Little Inchy’ again…

6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Mon 9 Nov 15: Hassle… much Hassle.Tsk!

  1. Poor luv. Do you have some scrap wood or paper you could stick under the bookcase to steady it in front? Try that, then load the heavy tomes on the bottom and the light ones on top, and it should work okay. I’m an old pro at balancing acts with furniture, because I’ve never had level floors in my life, and always have to find a way to stick something under the front to steady heavy objects so they won’t tip over on top of me. I’m about 95% successful now and we won’t talk about the 5%. It’s just too horrible. The secret though, is to always put the heavy stuff on the bottom, so if it all falls, the light stuff doesn’t hurt as much.
    I’ve been using old containers for re-purposing, creating new and useful items out of them. Plastic bottles become baskets, vases, waste buckets, or flower pots now, while cereal boxes are file containers, magazine files, note boxes. At the moment I’m making a clip thingy to put on my wall so I can put my notes in and find them from now on, instead of searching thru the clutter I have on my desk and side table by my chair. Hopefully will make both of them look better, and give me only one place to search. Fun and relaxing for me as well, reduces my garbage (I hope) and gives me storage space that fits with my apartment decor. I’m so uptown now, having decor instead of just sticking pictures on the wall as I did before. I think your photographalizations did it, giving me such high aspirations as Lady Angel.
    Take care of you luv.

    • Thanks gal. I’ve been thinking of this, and don’t think I can use it as a bookcase now, because the books are the heaviest, this would mean putting them in the two drawers at the bottom, and that means bending every time I need a book and digging through them and the back and knees wouldn’t be too keen on this idea? I may store stuff in the drawers and put me ornaments (still in box’s in the bedroom) on the shelves cause they will be light enough methinks?
      I like your ideas for your flat pet.
      In the middle of sorting me paperwork, might get it finished and into the folders today – he says hopefully. Hehe!
      TTFN XXX

      • Do you have anything at all that is super heavy that can be stored in the drawers luv? Wrenches, hammers, one of those pesky pavement cyclists always in your way? If you conk him on the head with the hammer, and stuff him in the drawer, place heavy furniture in front of the drawer, and just stick a bit of food and water in each day, that should keep him satisfied enough to remain as your “bookshelf stabilizer” and you can use them all day, every day without worry. Or, maybe not. It would all depend on how far you are willing to “bend” the law.
        I’m still in decorating mode here, but spent most of today at my dentist’s office, checking the fit of my soon to be new choppers. I really wanted to bring them home, but they were only mock ups, so hopefully the real ones will be here before Thanksgiving — two weeks from today. I have a lot of work to do before then, and still more to do before Christmas. That’s the only problem with making my own gifts, but I have finally worked all the wrinkles out of the patterns for the crochet items, and made them work out the way I want, Now I can really start without having to riip them apart (fingers and toes crossed on that one) and hopefully get them finished. All I have to do now is find the list where I wrote the colors each person wants. I really hate when one person tells me they love red and I forget and give them blue, and give the red to the one who wanted the blue. I should put some sticky notes on my nose where I won’t lose them.
        Take care of you luv.

      • Love the “Do you have anything at all that is super heavy that can be stored in the drawers luv? Wrenches, hammers, one of those pesky pavement cyclists always in your way?” Super stuff Angie!
        Hope it ll goes well wiv yer crocheting pet. Sounds complicated.
        don’t like the sticky note on yer nose… Hehehe! But understand, I lost a list this very morning – no idea where it’s got to – but I did take some stuff out to the rubbish chute? Mmm.
        Thanks flower, please have a cuddle.
        Good luck wiv yer sorting. X

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