Inchcock Today 5 Nov 15: Frustrating Day in many a way… Tsk!

01topj9cThursday 5th November 2015

Misshaped, aching and bloodied I woke in the chair – after, wait for it… Seven Hours Kip!

I must have been well shattered for me to sleep that long. Any-road, soon as I moved the congealed blood caused me to jump a bit (Tsk) and I made me way to the bathroom to sort missen out.

Glad I got me cotton wool pads now. Did me best to clean up Little Inchy withut rushing it. Bloodied the bathroom a bit when he unexpectedly squirted and sprayed all over me and the room. Not good this I thought.

Busy day today as well, Morrisons deliver AM, then the district nurses were coming to inject me at 1700hrs, Meeting Pete this earlier this afternoon, Iceland delivery tonight and so much sorting to do… I seem to be in a bigger mess now than ever – thinking about it though, I can expect this with me sorting through the box’s of stuff stored in the bedroom and trying to work out where to find permanent homes for the stuff – so glad I got rid of some of it before I moved now.

Cleaned the bathroom and myself and onto the porcelain – would you believe it – more blood from the rear end this time.

Whoopsie1 Bent down to clean where some had splashed behind the bowl and clouted me nose and chin on the side of the porcelain as Arthur Itis decided me knee would give way and the nose began bleeding again!

I cleaned up again and made a cuppa and took me medications and sat for a few moments thinking… I spoke with missen: Things were not going well are they Inchy me boy? Much to do, bleeding like never before, trouble with the bank and conveyors getting payment holding up the sale of the house… Anne Gyna joining in me misery now… I soon snapped out of it when I realised I was lucky to be here at all really.

Singing away (Adam Faith’s “My last wish”) to myself now as I got the laptop on and was greeted with many emails awaiting attention. Finished off yesterdays diary and got it posted.

Did some Facebooking before having me bath and shave.

Morrison order came, but it away and set off on the bus to town to meet Pete. This is so I can claim using his vouchers a free Panto ticket for his elderly neighbour so they can all have a night out at the playhouse.

P1020367Walked into the slab square to meet him.

By the time I got in the square it was pouring down!

Then I found out we had to wait in the middle of the square for TWO Hours before the tickets arrived! At least it was a good idea of Pete’s to go early, we were 2nd in the queue.

This meaning of course, I’d be late for getting back to the flat for the nurses visit to give me the injections. The only thing was get a taxi.

Which I did.

Got back just in time. WC’d.

Had me treatment from the buxom nurses, then got the kettle on and the Iceland delivery came. Glad in a way, cause this meant I could have me lamb shank potatoes and peas for me late nosh – providing I stayed awake long enough. Hehe!

P1020368Lamb shank, lettered potatoes, garden peas in nice minted gravy. Followed by an ice-cream.

Tasty, very tasty.

Gave this a 9.2/10.

Very tired now, but not in bad spirits.

Other than a bit annoyed with having to spend so much on the taxi from town like.

Must remember Steve Age UK is calling tomorrow. (Well that’s the plan!)

P1020369Then as I cleared up the kitchen and tidied up… Whoopsie2

I picked up the kitchen towel to unwind some to use… Arthur Itis made me drop it… I caught it and stepped back… right into the wheeled trolley… Tsk!

So now I have selection of bleeding areas over me short stubby wobbly body to contend with.

Occasionally me nose where I fell and hit it on the sink getting out of the bath, me ear-hole wear I fell and banged it getting into the bath – Most days from me haemorrhoids – Everyday from ‘Little Inchy’s lesion’ – and now the back of me water retaining left leg! Hey-ho! When its gone its gone! Hehe!

On the bright side, the Reflux valve, Anne Gyna, Duodenal ulcer, ticker valve replacement and hernia are being kind to me tonight.

Made a cuppa and read me book… Zzzz!

3 thoughts on “Inchcock Today 5 Nov 15: Frustrating Day in many a way… Tsk!

  1. Oh, my, goodness! Was it only two — T- W- O hours ago when I mentioned the fact that I was so happy you had no Whoopsidangleplops, so what did you do? Repeat the great record? Oh no, you had two in one day, just to make up for having none the day before. What will I do with you luv? Obviously I’m having another sleepless night, but enjoyed a thunderstorm earlier. I love those, especially night ones when I can see the bright lightning and hear the thunderboomers. It always sounds like drummers in the sky. Someday I’ll get the photo I want of the lightning, but this wasn’t the time — again. I’ll keep trying though, or learn how to stitch photos together to create the one I want.
    Your Steve sounds like the nurses I had during my last hospital stay two years ago. Promises, but no show. So infuriating, but it’s not like you can chase them down and hogtie them to a nag to get them where you want them to be. Sure would be nice if it happened though.
    Now, take better care of you my friend. I have lost too many people this year. Just can’t handle another one.

    • Sorry about the Whoopsiedangleplops Angie. Tsk!
      I had bright lights and thunder-boomers here most of the night too Angie… It was ‘Bonfire Night’ here in the UK you see. Fireworks all night long. I tried to photograph some of them, but none came out recognisable. Humph!
      Steve is so nice and calm when he does come, helpful and patient too. But I’ve lost a lot of time waiting and hoping for his visits that did not mature. No complaining though – he’s a grand chap.
      Today he said he’d be here around 1400hrs – we’ll see eh.
      Take care pet, thanks for caring. X

      • I wasted all day Thursday waiting for people who didn’t show up until late afternoon, then all arrived at the same time.
        I hate the fireworks we have here on July 4, because they begin in early June, but nothing I can do about it except stuff my earplugs in deeper. I’ll have to do that with the air raid siren they call the fire alarm also. I don’t know why it is so loud, but they refuse to turn it lower, and it malfunctions constantly. They are also moving people in every day on the only elevator we have working, and it breaks down several times a week, a totally illegal thing, but I guess someone will have to die and the family will have to sue the place before they find it financially justified to stop using the one until the other elevators are finished. I just hope I’m not the person who has to die.

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