Wed 4 Nov 15: Feeling a bit perkier now… despite the snot-bag at the bank!

01topj0101aWednesday 4th November 2015

After a rough nights sleeping I could recall some bits of me dreams: I was up in a gigantic crane cabin that had ladders leading from it to buildings around it… someone was at the other end of each ladder and shouting at me but I couldn’t hear what they were saying as I juggled the cranes grabber controls to try to pick up me hearing aids that were 30 odd floors below laying on bed of salad on a dish, that was on top of a Rolls Royce?… found myself in an office being interrogated by American policemen about something…?

When I got up to go to the porcelain I was well pleased with the lack of hassle from Reflux valve and Arthur Itis, although Anne Gyna was a bit niggling and I was coughing summat rotten.

After last nights dizzies and weariness, I was in good form this morning comparatively speaking like.

I thought I’d get me diaries done, emails, WordPress and then make a start sorting me newly discovered in a box in the bedroom paperwork again.

Cuppa, medications and started the laptop.

Got missen in the bath and freshened up nicely.

Had a chin-wag with some of the gal tenants in the reception area, then caught the L9 bus into town.

P1020357As I got off the bus the pigeons were high up on top of the newly renovated ‘Intu’ Victoria shopping Centre. I used me new Panasonic camera to zoom in on em!

The weather was the odd drizzle and periodic periods of extreme darkness – dank and gloomy it were!

P1020358I decided to walk further up Upper Parliament Street then down King Street, over the slab square down through Exchange Walk, along Albert Street, Lister Gate, through Broad Marsh Centre and out over Colin Street down Carrington Street and down to the Nottingham Canal to feed the ducks P1020360and pigeons.

Caught  a Pavement Cyclist trying to get back on the road. Hehe!

I called into Tesco and got two cream cakes, one for me and one for Steve from Age UK later. Also got a couple of cheap sliced loaves to add to the seeds  P1020363for feeding the dickies with on the canal.

Took me a while to get to the canal, but I was feeling a bit better and moving well for me I thought.

As I got the camera out to shoot the dickies one of the P1020362periodic period of gloom descended. Tsk! Ruined me photographicalisationing completely!

Most disappointing!

I spotted that one of the canal barges moored near the bridge was up for sale.

P1020361An older one, but I’ve often dreamt of winning a fortune and would be tempted to get something like this so I could feed the birds and do some fishing again?

If I won a few million, a grand to buy one of these, then getting it licensed and insured would be on the cards for me methinks?

Enjoyed feeding the animals.

I decided to go back through Broad Marsh centre proper and have enjoy a bit of window shopping like.

On my way through the centre I got a call – it was from Age UK’s Steve. The payment to the Derbyshire company that was doing the conveyancing or summat involved in selling the house had not gone through for the third time?

Steve sad to go to the bank and get them to make a cheque for the company. So I made me way to the bank and had to call Steve to get the name etc for the snotty nosed bank advisor.

Handed the phone to the superior git so he could talk with Steve who knew what is was all about.

Steve rang back with the required numbers and I gave them to the young turd over the table from me – who looked remarkably like a young David Cameron.

Eventually overconfident arrogant sod told me it had gone through okay this time.

I wandered into the slab square and had missed me bus due to pillock in the bank. So I had a wander around Primark Deadly for the finances that to me!

Ended up getting two, as the receipt said ‘Full zip fleeces’ Thin cardigans with pockets they were.

P1020365They had a selection of Christmas themed woolly hats and I took a photo of the for me American TFZ friends on Facebook.

Then I wandered up to the bus stop and caught the L9 back to the flats.

Surprisingly I fought off the falling to sleep syndrome today – although it was close. Hehe!

Back at the flats I then WC’d and put one of me cardigans on to keep warm, it was getting nippy now.

Made a cuppa and took me evening medications, then updated this twoddle while a waited for Steve Age UK to arrive. He’s kindly going to finally finish putting the book-case he built for me onto brackets on the wall to make it safe and not fall on me causing a Whoopsiedangleplop!

Did some Facebooking then, as I till awaited Steve coming.

Still waiting…

No he’s not coming.

Mopped the kitchen floor and made me nosh.

No picture – as I took the photo without the card in it – left it in the laptop again and don’t know how to get the piccy back from the internal memory? Shame cause it was a marvellous nosh it were.

Shepherds pie with sweet potato and sweet potatoes slices in batter! Mmm yummy!

Studied me TV paper and found stuff I’d like to watch all night tonight.

Fell asleep.

4 thoughts on “Wed 4 Nov 15: Feeling a bit perkier now… despite the snot-bag at the bank!

  1. I’ve always found the best way to fall asleep is just the way you did it luv — find something you really want to watch on TV. That always does it for me.
    I spent the day waiting for people to show up, and naturally they were all late. Coulda, shoulda gone on to the grocery for discount day, but missed it because of waiting, waiting, waiting. One bright spot was a phone call from my granddaughter. That brightened the entire day up, and made the silly waiting all worth it. Other than my one bright spot, it was almost a wasted day. I had a call from my daughter, but that was just as the person I waited all day for showed up, so my daughter will call back tomorrow. That will be tomorrow’s bright spot.
    So good that you didn’t have any Whoopsidangleplops today. I’m proud of you. I don’t think I had any either, but spent so much time waiting, I really don’t remember. Didn’t even take the time to add a post today.
    Just took a lovely casserole out of the oven, so I think I’ll have a bite to eat. Take care of you luv.

    • It is frustrating waiting int it gal.
      Slept in the same position on me chair (Waking bent twisted and confused) Hehe!
      So glad your granddaughter got in touch.
      Thursday I had a lamb-shank meal Angie, which was your casserole, beef, lamb or pork?
      The Bonfire night displays were nice to watch from on high for the first time.
      TTFN. X

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