Inchcock Today Tue 3 Nov 15: Flaked out physically – Ah well!

0101bTuesday 3rd November 2015

After sleeping and waking every few minutes it seemed to me, I gave up and got up at 0250hrs to visit the porcelain.

As soon as I moved I knew that Little Inchy and Anne Gyna didn’t like me moving! Tsk!

Little Inchy was sore, I put that own to the examination yesterday though. The stinging was not so bad though, if that makes sense to you?

The Stomach was really rumbling and bubbling. Overall not feeling too bright at the moment. The late night for me didn’t help.

Oh… another call to the porcelain. Cor blimey… and I didn’t have a nosh last night either, too tired to bother.

Not up to doing any sorting today that’s for sure – although guilt may prompt me into action later – oh and the laundry needs doing…

Made a cuppa, medications taken and laptop on.

Did some Facebooking and emails.

Got a wash and spruce up, then got me laundry ready, made sure I had soap, freshener, me mobile, camera in pocket and coins of the realm.

Got down and both machines were in use. Both had about 35 minutes left according to the readout on the machines.

Came back to the flat made a cuppa and updated this twollop.

Back down to try again with me laundry.

One machine free so got it in and going.

Very natter with some residents as they waited in the warmth of the reception area before going out to catch the bus.

Back up to the flat and the WC (Oh dear) sorted some paperwork out ready for filing (I keep finding more as I go through the stuff).

Back down to the laundry room and did me crossword book as I waited for the washing machine to finish.

Another nice little natter when some tenants came in off the bus.

Got the washing into the drier, and nibbles some nuts while doing me crossword book.

Packed me stuff into me bag and returned to the flat.

Had a dizzy in the lift and that was me done for the day – worst I’ve ever had. Tsk!

Got in and put me things in the airing cupboard.

I’m afraid I did nothing else apart from make me nosh, sat in the chair occasionally getting up to go to the porcelain, and that was me day.

P1020356Despite me feeling so bad, I did enjoy the nosh.

Garden peas, Frikadellens, pickled egg, beetroot, seasoned fries and bread thins. Strawberry cheesecake to follow.

Kept nodding and waking again, last time I recall getting up for the WC was about midnight – and didn’t feel well at all, thought about pressing me wrist alarm – glad I didn’t now, cause after nodding off and waking several times again, each time I woke up I seemed to feel a bit better, apart from the rumbling stomach which had been with me all day, Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna were giving me a rest.

Couldn’t remember if I’d took me evening or noon medications, but ound an empty evening pot later, so I must have.

Got a few hours kip in any way. No more dizzies.

TTFN all, as Arnie said: “I’ll be back!” He say’s hopefully.  Hehe!

6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Tue 3 Nov 15: Flaked out physically – Ah well!

  1. Now that sounds like a better night luv. I do hope the tummy rumbles stop, but at least no Whoopsiedangleplops for the day. I’ve had a rather good day also, with no major problems, just some fleas from petting a dog while waiting for the bus at Walmart, but I think I finally got rid of them before the bus arrived. I took some fab photos today and yesterday, and forgot to set the date on the camera after charging the battery, That makes for a totally bummed up camera, but I’ll manage to fix it eventually. Just have to spend a few minutes with it later. Also have to spend a few more minutes on Facebook to see if I have any orders for my towel holders. Really strange how that worked out. I showed a picture and people are asking me how much I charge. Cottage industry is born just when I need it — maybe. I’ll have to think about it a long time before I know for sure. I usually donate things to different places for their picnic fund raisers and it is less stressful than making it like work.
    Take care of you luv.

    • You could end up being “Angie the Magnate?” Bill Gates will get be getting jealous next. Hehe!
      My camera defeats me sometimes.
      Talking of Cottage, I had a Cottage pie yesterday, using Sweet potatoes and some bought sweet potatoes in batter. Gorgeous!
      Busy day today… again! Tsk”
      Taketh care Angie, thinking of you. X

      • I love sweet potatoes. I sometimes cook them with cranberries and apples, then make hand pies (fried pies) out of the results. At least part of the results — the part I don’t eat right out of the pot. I have all the things I need gathered, so will be making it soon. Then the pies for a nice little snack, or breakfast, or just because I love to eat them.

      • Oh don’t mention cranberries Angie – I loved them but when I had me ticker done they barred them from me diet along with many other foods I likes, no brassica, grapefruit, cranberries or fried food of any sort allowed nowadays. Tsk!
        I’ve only recently discovered sweet potatoes, I think I’ve become addicted.
        Take care over there Angie, keep your pecker up gal. TTFN X

      • Oh, sorry luv. Can you still have apples? I cook those with sweet potatoes usually, and they are so good, just leave the other stuff out. And bake the pies instead of the f–d ones. I’m not supposed to fry stuff either, but I actually like to oven fry them anyway, just spray with olive oil, stick on a cookie sheet and pop in the oven until the crust is browned. The apples and sweet potatoes are already cooked together, with brown sugar for the flavor, and that makes them oh, so good.
        Take care of you luv.

      • What a good idea thanks Angie. I’m okay with apples and eat them often. Never tried cooking them though yet.
        Ran out of them at the moment, having to stay in in case Steve arrives today so no chance of risking popping out to get some – he’d be bound to arrive if I did. Hehe!
        I’ve got one shepherds pie with sweet potatoes on top to have tonight. So, let me understand this please – I cook me sweet potatoes in the oven (15-20 minutes) add the sliced? apples to them. looking forward to trying this if I’ve got it sunk in.
        I’ve got olive oil in a bottle – should I toss the potatoes in it first or after baking? Thanks again pet. X

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